Protests against G-20 summit turn into chaos in Jayapura, Indonesia

Protests in Jayapura, Indonesia, turned into chaos yesterday (November 16) when hundreds of students took to the streets. Protesters demonstrated in the courtyard of the Cenderawasih University Auditorium against the G-20 intergovernmental forum in Bali and the plan for solving the problem of violations of human rights in Papua Province, initiated by the National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. The filmer said: "The situation got out of control as a result of a provocation from several irresponsible people who infiltrated the demonstrations and broke through police security. Some demonstrators threw stones at the police. The police immediately reacted and took firm action". Jayapura City Police Chief Commissioner of Police, Viktor Dean Macbon, said the demonstration took place in three different locations in Jayapura. Macbon said: "The situation got out of control because the demonstrators were moved from the location to the road. to carry out a long march". Police officers assisted by Mobile Brigade Troops (Indonesian Police Special Forces) and TNI personnel used a car to disperse the crowd. According to Macbon, three policemen were injured and seven students were detained.