Protests Against Serbian President-Elect Gather Momentum on Fourth Night

Student-led protests against Serbian President-elect Aleksandar Vucic carried on into a fourth night on Thursday, with marches in Belgrade and other cities. The protesters say Sunday’s election was fraudulent.

This footage shows protesters marching through the streets of Novi Sad lighting up the darkness with their mobile phones.

Vucic, serving as prime minister, was elected president earlier this week with 55 percent of the vote and is expected to continue the country’s path towards EU integration while maintaining close ties to Russia. Although the office of president is largely a ceremonial role, demonstrators fear he will maintain control over government through his Serbian Progressive Party.

Student groups reportedly accused broadcasters of bias in favour of Vucic during the election campaign and called for the resignation of top management among media regulators. They also called for the resignation of parliament speaker and Vucic ally Maja Gojkovic over her decision to suspend parliamentary sessions until after the vote. Credit: Facebook/NSU-Uživo sa novosadskih ulica via Storyful