Proud dog mom shares her pup’s stellar report cards from doggie daycare

Viewers are losing it over this video of a woman reviewing her dog’s report cards from doggie daycare.

Every parent wants their child to have a good experience at school, even if their child happens to be a dog. Just ask TikToker and mom to bulldog Stanley, Samm Hudson (@sammhudson1), who recently posted a video where she proudly shares Stanley’s report cards from doggie daycare at Disney World, and viewers couldn’t be more thrilled for the pup.

The clip opens with a shot of Hudson holding a stack of bright pink report cards while Stanley looks on sheepishly in the background.

On his first day of class, Stanley already made friends with three dogs named Lilou, Doug, and Jovi. He excelled at chasing a ball and taking time to cuddle with his counselor. While Stanley enjoyed himself on his first day, he did have moments where he was being a “little devil,” as he “loved playing with the ball so much, he forgot to share with friends.” After reading this feedback, Hudson tells Stanley, who is lying on the floor looking like an angsty teen, “We’ll have to improve on that one.”

Moving on to day two, Stanley’s report card says he hung out with Buttons, Lilou, and Tater Tot, and took part in wrestling with them before getting some more cuddles from his counselor. Even though this is only Stanley’s second day of class, he’s significantly improving and received feedback calling him “a happy camper.”

On the third day, Stanley wasn’t feeling as social, so he stuck hanging with Jordi. Despite his limited social bandwidth, Stanley participated in quite a few activities, including wrestling with Jordi, splashing around in the pool, climbing on the jungle gym, and, of course, cuddling with his counselor. Stanley received an overall grade of “happy camper,” with additional comments praising his good behavior.

For his final day of doggie daycare, Stanley chilled with Lilou, Chip, and Shep before doing his two favorite activities, wrestling with friends and cuddling with his counselor. While Stanley had fun with his friends, his report card mentioned that he missed his mom.

Proud of Stanley’s academic achievements, Hudson commends her pup for doing a great job before the video comes to a close.

Like Hudson, viewers were beaming with pride over Stanley’s performance.

“Proud of you, Stanley,” one user commented.

“Stanley is clearly a cuddle bug,” observed one TikToker.

“Stanley sounds like the perfect doggie,” one viewer complimented.

Who knows? Stanley might be ready for doggie college in no time.

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