Proud Papas: Jay-Z and Other Celebrity Dads Who Wrote Songs for Their Babies

By now you've probably heard proud papa Jay-Z's musical tribute to his newborn daughter. The hip hop mogul and wife Beyonce welcomed baby girl Blue Ivy over the weekend-- and no sooner did the newborn make her recording debut on Jay Z's "Glory…feat. B.I.C." (Her cry is sampled at the end of the song.)

As Jay-Z raps, "Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you," here's a look back at some other songs written about celeb babies:

"Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)"- John Lennon (1980)

It's heartbreaking that John Lennon's tribute to son, Sean, was recorded just a month before he died. But what a gift to leave behind. At the end of the song, Lennon whispers to his then 5-year old son, "Good night, Sean. See you in the morning." Of his famous father, Sean Lennon told New York Magazine, "I remember when my dad died. That whole early period of my life became kind of cemented in my mind…You don't really miss anything specific. You just miss them breathing, just being there. I miss the way his skin felt, the sound of his voice. Him tucking me in at night."

"Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder (1975)

Back in the mid-1970s, the legendary Stevie Wonder penned his most famous song in honor of the birth of his daughter, Aisha. In a 2004 O Magazine interview with Oprah Winfrey, Wonder said," I remember writing 'Isn't She Lovely?' I can almost cry right now thinking about it. The sound of my daughter Aisha splashing in the bathtub created a picture. That was emotion stuck in a moment, and that can never, ever be taken away."

"Time in a Bottle"- Jim Croce (1973)

Jim Croce's 1973 tearjerker song was written for his toddler son A.J., but the 30 year old singer died in a plane crash a few months before its release. The song became a posthumous hit. Of the father he was too young to remember, A.J. Croce told the Los Angeles Times, "It's a little bit surreal. The thought of someone writing for you and about you and then never really knowing them-- that's a strange feeling."

"Sweet Baby James"- James Taylor (1970)

James Taylor's breakthrough album featured this song that he wrote for his namesake nephew. In an interview with Blue Railroad, JT recounted how the lullaby-like song came to be during a 20-hour road trip: "I was driving down Route 95 …to see my brother Alex and his wife Brent, who had given birth to little James. First child born to my generation in my family. And they had named a kid after me, and I was gonna go down and see the little baby. And I was driving down there thinking of a cowboy lullaby, what to sing to little James. Rock-a-bye sweet baby James." Taylor said. "That song just assembled itself as I was driving down there. "

"Shalom Mazie"- Shorty Howard and Justin Beck (2009)

And while this one didn't make the Billboard charts, it's worth a mention. MTV's "Real World New Orleans" star Melissa Howard and hubby, Glassjaw guitarist Justin Beck, welcomed daughter Shalom Mazie in 2009. But it was Howard's father, Shorty, who collaborated with his son in law to record the song "Shalom Mazie." There's nothing like a grandfather's love-- especially when he sings of his multi-racial grandbaby: "No one can f--- with you.... Asian, Black or Jew."

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