PS5 stock – live: Game and Argos restocks still available – how to buy the console

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Here’s where you can buy a PS5 today  (Sony / The Independent)
Here’s where you can buy a PS5 today (Sony / The Independent)

UPDATE: The PS5 is still in stock at GameScan and The Game Collection, with limited consoles also available at Argos. It could also restock at Very and Currys this week. Read on for more information.

It’s been a year and a half since the PS5 was first released, yet we’re all still here, clinging on to the dream of owning one of the elusive consoles.

Shelves remain barren and empty, and restocks still come and go in the blink of an eye thanks to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. This has meant consoles are still tricky to get hold of, both online and in-store.

But the situation is getting better – slowly. Throughout May, at least one retailer has consistently had stock of PS5 bundles, with smaller retailers such as Scan and The Game Collection joining suit. That said, you’re out of luck if you’re searching for a standalone PS5 console without any extras. If you’re still on the hunt for a PS5 on its own, we’ll be bringing you the live stock updates as we have them.

Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new machine, plus the latest game reviews. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:

Key Points

  • Some branches of game have PS5 stock today

  • What games are coming to PS Plus in June?

  • ‘Horizon Forbidden West’ review

  • When is Summer Game Fest taking place this year?

This PS5 disc bundle is also in stock at Argos

10:10 , Alex Lee

That PS5 disc edition bundle with Horizon Forbidden West may also be in stock at certain Argos stores right now. As we mentioned earlier this morning, this bundle costs £499.99 – that’s an extra £50 for Horizon Forbidden West.

The game usually costs around £69.99, so you’re saving £20 in both instances. Keep refreshing the page or switching locations, this bundle will keep appearing and disappearing as traffic to the site increases.

Buy the PS5 disc edition bundle from Argos

Buy the PS5 digital edition bundle from Argos

This PS5 digital edition bundle is in stock at Argos and just £409.99

09:40 , Alex Lee


PS5 digital edition hunters, your time has come! Argos is currently selling a PS5 digital edition bundle with Horizon Forbidden West for just £499.99.

As usual with Argos, this is coming in and out of stock, so keep refreshing the page or checking back periodically throughout the morning. This is the best bundle deal we’ve seen so far.

Buy now from Argos

PS Direct could soon launch PS5 bundles

09:20 , Alex Lee

Bundles are coming to Sony’s official PlayStation Direct store in the US. There’s no UK listing as of now, and that’s either going to make you very sad or very indifferent, seeing as they’re the only things you can find in stock from UK retailers these days.

There’s no official price yet, but Argos was selling this specific bundle for £499.99, while Game had been selling it for £519.99.

The PS5 restock liveblog turns one today!

09:00 , Alex Lee

Hello folks! The day has arrived. It’s time to read it and weep. A year ago today, we started tracking PS5 restocks for the first time, and believe it or not, we’re still here a year on.

Miraculously, the PS5 is still pretty much impossible to get a hold of – even more so if you’re after a standalone console. But we’ve learnt a lot over the past 365 days, so if you’re still hunting down a console, we’ve got all the intel you need to secure yourselves a console.

Let’s kick this birthday bash off with some hefty drops, shall we?

I’ve been tracking PS5 stock for a year, this is what I’ve learnt

Live blog signing off

Wednesday 18 May 2022 17:28 , Alistair Charlton

That brings another day to a close, and we’re pleased to say that various PS5 bundles are still available at Game. There are also a couple of larger and more expensive bundles on offer at  Scan and The Game Collection, giving gamers plenty of choice.

Sadly, no retailers are currently selling the console on its own, and the cheaper PS5 digital edition is proving particularly difficult to track down.

We’re expecting to see some more stock arrive at Currys and Very soon, and we’ll be the first to bring you news on those console restocks as soon as they happen.

Everything we know so far about the PS5’s new VR headset

Wednesday 18 May 2022 17:00 , Alistair Charlton

One of the most anticipated PS5 accessories is a new virtual reality headset called Playstation VR2. It was first revealed by Sony back in January 2022, at the CES technology show in Las Vegas.

Not much more is known about the headset for now. But what we do know is the PlayStation VR 2’s controllers come with built-in touch sensors and haptic feedback, much like the PS5’s dualsense controllers, and the headset also has a built-in motor to simulate feedback for a more immersive experience. Heading a virtual football will never be the same again.

Want to know more about the next-generation VR headset? Then head over to our full PSVR 2 guide.

Could Sony be getting ready to reveal more details about the PSVR 2?

How to buy the three new PS5 custom console covers

Wednesday 18 May 2022 16:00 , Alistair Charlton

Bored of the PS5’s default black and white design? Well fear not, because Sony is about to start selling three new colours of its custom console covers. The new colours are called starlight blue, galactic purple and nova pink. They will be available alongside the existing midnight black and cosmic red covers, are priced at £64.99, and will be available from in June.

PS5 custom console covers are coming in new galactic colours this June

Can you buy a PS5 directly from Sony?

Wednesday 18 May 2022 15:00 , Alistair Charlton

Sony opened the doors to the UK branch of its online store, called PlayStation Direct, in late-2021. Since then, the website has had numerous PS5 console restocks, mostly recently on 20 April and 10 May. However, the store is currently out of stock, with no word as to when more consoles will arrive.

PS Direct had two restocks in April, so with only one happening so far in May, we’re hopeful of another landing before we head into June.

Read our review of Horizon Forbidden West for the PS5

Wednesday 18 May 2022 14:00 , Alistair Charlton

You may have noticed that a lot of PS5 bundles, including some available from Game right now, include Horizon Forbidden West . A follow-up to 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn, the game follows hunter Aloy on her journey across the west coast of an apocalyptic United States.

We absolutely loved our time with Horizon Forbidden West, with our reviewer saying: “In Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games has developed its post-apocalyptic marriage of technology and nature to craft a beautifully realised vision of a world desperate for rebirth. The story will take new players to unexpected and breathtaking places, and fans of Horizon Zero Dawn will have plenty of their questions answered.”

They added: “While Horizon Forbidden West takes great leaps in its visual and story presentation, it stays the path with its gameplay, making small but notable additions that improve the experience. Not much has changed since Zero Dawn, but when that gameplay revolves around hunting mechanical dinosaurs, why would you want it to?”

Read our full review of Horizon Forbidden West to find out more.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the best-looking PS5 games yet

What’s the cheapest PS5 console bundle available at Game?

Wednesday 18 May 2022 12:00 , Alistair Charlton


Game had a PS5 bundle restock yesterday (17 May), but some of the cheapest bundles have already sold out. So, you will no doubt be asking, what’s the most affordable PS5 bundle currently in stock at Game?

The answer is a PS5 disc edition console with Horizon Forbidden West and an additional Dualsense controller in white. The bundle is priced at £559.98 and can be ordered now.

Buy now at Game

Does Smyths Toys have any in-store stock?

Wednesday 18 May 2022 11:30 , Alistair Charlton

Like with Game, Smyths Toys sometimes has a handful of PS5 consoles available in its stores for walk-in customers. There’s a tool on the retailer’s website to check console availability nationally, and right now the only store with stock is in Londonderry, where eight PS disc editions are available to buy. The cheaper PS5 digital edition isn’t available at any Smyths store.

Does Argos actually have any PS5 stock today?

Wednesday 18 May 2022 11:00 , Alistair Charlton

We’ve written about our frustration with the Argos  website before, and unfortunately today is an another example of how problematic it can be. The retailer added new PS5 consoles to its stock inventory this morning, but these were only made available to certain regions of the country, due to how Argos’s in-stock collection system works.

So, while we couldn’t find any at our own address, or that of our parents, another IndyBest writer found stock at their local store. It’s a frustrating system and makes us wonder why Argos  can’t instead offer its PS5 stock nationally to everyone. Even if there was a postage charge we’re sure shoppers would snap up the consoles in no time.

Where might have a PS5 restock next?

Wednesday 18 May 2022 10:30 , Alistair Charlton

PS5 restocks are hard to predict, but we reckon both Currys and Very are due to receive new consoles soon, and potentially before the end of this week.

Very last had a PS5 restock on 20 and 21 April, while Currys hasn’t had consoles available to buy since a restock that lasted between 12 and 18 April, a whole month ago. As ever, we’ll be the first to let you know about the next PS5 restocks, as soon as they happen.

Smyths bundle stock sells out

Wednesday 18 May 2022 10:00 , Alistair Charlton

Yesterday (17 May), Smyths Toys made the rare move of adding a PS5 game bundle to its online store. The retailer usually only sells the console on its own, but this bundle included the PS5 disc edition with Horizon Forbidden West, and was priced at £499.99. Sadly, stock has already run out, despite the bundle still being listed on the Smyths Toys website.

Those who managed to pre-order the bundle yesterday should be informed that their order has been dispatched, or is ready for collection, within five to seven working days.

Some branches of game have PS5 stock today

Wednesday 18 May 2022 09:38 , Alistair Charlton

We’ve just spotted that several branches of Game have PS5 consoles and game bundles available for walk-in customers to buy right now. Each branch of Game has its own Twitter account, which is used to announce when PS5 (and Xbox series X) consoles are available. This morning, we’ve seen a number of tweets to announce consoles being available.

Stores with PS5 stock today include:

  • Didcot

  • Corby

  • Newark

  • St Austell

  • Queensgate

  • Shrewsbury

  • Southport

  • Caerphilly

  • Darlington

  • Merthyr

  • Birkenhead

  • Pontypridd

  • Wolverhampton

  • Spalding

  • Cowley

  • Bath

We suspect more stores will announce stock throughout the day, so we urge readers to keep a close eye on our blog, as well as this Twitter list, which shows every tweet from every branch of Game.

Where to buy a PS5 right now

Wednesday 18 May 2022 09:08 , Alistair Charlton

We start the day with good news for UK shoppers, as several PS5 bundles are still available at Game, after the retailer had a restock yesterday. We’ve also spotted some availability at Argos  this morning, but as ever it’s a bit of a postcode lottery, with consoles only available to shoppers in certain parts of the country.

Lastly, a couple of pricier bundles are still available at Scan and The Game Collection. They’re not cheap, but still represent good value if you’re looking to buy a console with several games at once.

Buy now at Game

Good morning

Wednesday 18 May 2022 09:05 , Alistair Charlton

Good morning and welcome back to another day of PS5 hunting with the IndyBest team. We’ll be live blogging throughout the day to bring you the latest news on PS5 console availability in the UK and US.

PS5 tracker, signing off

Tuesday 17 May 2022 17:31 , Jasper Pickering

That’s all from us today! There appear to be some bundles left over from Smyths Toys, Game, as well as the ones featured on Scan and The Game Collection. If you’re looking for the most affordable bundle, then Smyths Toys is your best bet at the moment.

It appears that Very didn’t drop new standalone PS5 stock in the morning, so our predictions for their next drop will roll onto next Tuesday which is still within the realm of possibility. We’ll let you know if anything changes in the mean time.

Until then, we’ll continue to keep a close eye on Currys where we’ll hopefully see more standalone consoles being released. See you then!


When will the PSVR 2 be released?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 16:29 , Jasper Pickering

One of the most anticipated PS5 add-ons is a new virtual reality headset dubbed Playstation VR2. It was first revealed back in January 2022 at CES and since then, we’ve had a better look at what the hardware will look like along with its updated controllers.

Not much more is known about the headset. What we do know is the PlayStation VR 2 sense controllers also come with built-in touch sensors and haptic feedback, much like the PS5’s dualsense controllers and the headset also has a built-in motor to simulate feedback for a more immersive experience.

Could we be hearing more details about it soon? Find out when more details might be revealed and how much we expect the headset to cost in our full PSVR 2 guide.

Could Sony be getting ready to reveal more details about the PSVR 2?

When is Summer Game Fest taking place this year?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 15:29 , Jasper Pickering

Summer Game Fest is one of the biggest gaming events in the calendar. Not only is it a chance for advertiser’s to promote new films and TV shows but it’s also a chance for studios to show off some big upcoming games.

Last year one of the event highlights was the first official look at Elden Ring gameplay, so expectations are exceptionally high.

The event is scheduled to kick off at 6PM BST on 9 June 2022 so make sure you get it pencilled in to hear more details about upcoming PS5 games!

Find out more about Summer Game Fest 2022 in our full guide.

The Summer Games Fest is returning for 2022 and you won’t want to miss it

What games are coming to PS Plus in June?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 14:31 , Jasper Pickering

If you missed the news, Playstation are completely overhauling their subscription service, PS Plus, with a new three-tier model that will allow players to download some classic first and third-party titles.

It will be similar to Xbox’s Game Pass service but with time-limited game trials included as well as streaming games from the PS3 catalogue.

We’ve got all the details about what to expect on 23 June, including all the new games that will be added, how much each tier will cost and what will be included. Find out more in our full PS Plus guide.

New PS Plus service will include blockbusters like God of War and retro PS1 games

What PS5 games are being released in May?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 13:28 , Jasper Pickering

May is usually a quiet month when it comes to new game releases but you may be surprised that there are actually quite a few titles to look forward to.

Whether you’re looking for the biggest exclusives such as Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 or Ghostwire: Tokyo, we’re rounding up all the best upcoming PS5 game releases in our handy guide below.

PS5 games coming in May 2022

These are the PS5 games we’re looking forward to in 2022

Are there PS5 bundles available from Smyths Toys?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 11:52 , Jasper Pickering

As well as the standalone console (which we expect to sell quite quickly) there are also versions of the console including – you guessed it – Horizon Forbidden West which are available for pre-order.

These bundles are coming in at £499.99 ( which is a modest £50 more than the standalone console, so it’s definitely worth shopping to save £20 on the price of the game by itself.

Pre-order now

 (Smyths Toys)
(Smyths Toys)

PS5 now in stock at Smyths

Tuesday 17 May 2022 11:42 , Jasper Pickering

The PS5 is now in stock at Smyths Toys with the disc edition of the console available. Smyths Toys stock always gets snapped up quickly, so we’d jump on it as soon as possible.

It looks like that stock is regional so make sure to check if your nearest store has any console availability.

Buy now

 (Smyths Toys)
(Smyths Toys)

‘Horizon Forbidden West’ review

Tuesday 17 May 2022 11:30 , Jasper Pickering

Plenty of the bundles that we’ve seen today have a copy of Horizon Forbidden West included but is the game worth the price?

Absolutely, it’s one of our favourite games on the PS5 to date as well as being one of the system’s top sellers this year.

In our review, we said: “In Horizon Forbidden West, Guerilla Games has developed its post-apocalyptic marriage of technology and nature to craft a beautifully realised vision of a world desperate for rebirth.

The story will take new players to unexpected and breathtaking places, and fans of Horizon Zero Dawn will have plenty of their questions answered.

While Horizon Forbidden West takes great leaps in its visual and story presentation, it stays the path with its gameplay, making small but notable additions that improve the experience.

Not much has changed since Zero Dawn, but when that gameplay revolves around hunting mechanical dinosaurs, why would you want it to?”

Read our full review to find out more about Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the best-looking PS5 games yet

Game releases cheaper PS5 bundle

Tuesday 17 May 2022 11:26 , Jasper Pickering

Game has just released a fresh bundle! Yes, this one also comes with Horizon Forbidden West as well as a dualsense controller, but it does come in at £559.98 ( which is substantially cheaper than the previous bundle that came with the blue controller (£584.97,

Buy now


When could Amazon restock the PS5?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 11:01 , Jasper Pickering

Amazon has been a particularly good retailer when it comes to stocking the standalone console but getting your hands on one is another matter.

Being the massive retailer that it is, there is plenty of demand for the new console, with the PS5 selling out usually within minutes of going live. It also requires an active Prime subscription in order to take part in the drop.

The last stock drop we saw from Amazon took place on 11 May, so we’re not expecting another one any time soon as they tend to restock once a month.


‘Fall Guys’ goes free-to-play

Tuesday 17 May 2022 10:30 , Jasper Pickering

Wondering what new games are available to play on your new console? There’s plenty of freebies to be had, whether you’re looking for a third-person shooter like Fortnite or an action-RPG like Genshin Impact.

If you missed the news yesterday, then a popular battle royale with a twist is going free-to-play. Fall Guys was first released back in 2020 on PC and Playstation consoles and if you missed it the first time round you can try it for no extra cost from June!

Fall Guys is basically a massive multiplayer game show in a similar vein to Total Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle or The Crystal Maze. Each match starts with 100 players and lasts until there is only one person (or bean in this case) standing.

Find out more on the Fall Guys website.

 (Epic Games)
(Epic Games)

What bundles are still available from Game?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 09:50 , Jasper Pickering

If you’re looking to pick up a new game and controller with your console, then getting a bundle can be a good way to save some time. An extra controller can also be useful if you’re hoping to play two-player games or simply swap them out when the batteries start to run low.

Right now at Game, there are still a few bundles left over from last week’s restock, with the cheapest one featuring Forbidden West as well as a funky blue dualsense controller (£584.97, Both of which are worth adding to your basket regardless. Horizon Forbidden West is one of our favourite games on the PS5 and the dualsense controller is our top pick for best PS5 accessory.


Buy now

When could Very restock?

Tuesday 17 May 2022 09:20 , Jasper Pickering

Today could be the big day! We’ve been eagerly awaiting another drop from Very since we last saw them restock the standalone consoles on 20 April.

Based on previous stocking patterns, Very is usually quite reliable when it comes to Tuesday restocks so we’re keeping a very close eye on them this morning.

We’ll keep this liveblog updated as soon as we get even a whiff of Very stock, so stay tuned!


Morning, PS5 trackers

Tuesday 17 May 2022 08:38 , Jasper Pickering

Good morning everybody! We’re back with the PS5 liveblog to walk you through all the latest stock updates of Sony’s elusive console.

As of writing, the PS5 is currently available at GameScan and The Game Collection, all of which are bundles including games such as Horizon Forbidden West as well as some extras. We’ll be going into detail around which ones are worth looking into.

We also predict that the console could see a restock at Very and Currys some time soon. Very is known to restock on Tuesdays so could we see a drop from them later today?

Stay with us for more information as we get it!

PS5 stock trackers, signing off

Monday 16 May 2022 17:30 , Alex Lee

All righty folks, thanks for joining us for another day of console stock sniffing. After a slightly slow Monday, the PS5 is still in stock at GameScan and The Game Collection after selling out at Ebuyer earlier this morning.

We’ll be back tomorrow morning to bring you through even more restocks, and we’re hoping to see a standalone console restock from Very. Chat to you all then!

When could Smyths Toys restock the PS5?

Monday 16 May 2022 14:30 , Alex Lee

 (Smyths Toys)
(Smyths Toys)

Smyths Toys is one of the handful of retailers who has already restocked the console once this month – on Tuesday 3 May. We’ve noticed an interesting pattern with Smyths Toys’s restocks. When it drops extremely early in the month – between the 1st and 5th, it usually has another one towards the second half of the month.

This is all speculation, but we’ll grasp onto it with both hands, seeing as Smyths Toys sells standalone PS5 consoles, including the digital edition version.

Looking for an Xbox series X?

Monday 16 May 2022 14:00 , Alex Lee

So you’ve copped a PS5, but did you know that the Xbox series X is also readily available right now? If you’re after some Xbox exclusives, then you’re going to want to get your hands on the Xbox series X.

Like the PS5, it’s often sold as part of a bundle, but we’ve found some standalone consoles hanging around. Want to find out where you can get one? Have a read of our article below.

On the hunt for an Xbox series X? Here’s when retailers expect more stock

Why are there so many PS5 bundles in stock?

Monday 16 May 2022 12:00 , Alex Lee

 (iStock/The Independent)
(iStock/The Independent)

It appears that retailers these days are only ever selling the PS5 as part of a bundle, making it hard for console hunters who don’t have the extra cash to buy a standalone console. Why is this?

There are a couple of reasons. The cynic in us says that selling the PS5 as part of a bundle means that retailers can charge a premium on the console, shifting accessories and games as well as the machine itself. But it also helps deter scalpers. The non-cynic in us would say that bundles help provide customers with a gaming kit from the get go, without having to go out and buy anything extra. That would make sense, except fewer people are buying the bundles, so it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Ebuyer PS5 restock sells out

Monday 16 May 2022 11:22 , Alex Lee

Whew, that was quick. The PS5 has now sold out at Ebuyer. The retailer most likely had very small quantities of the console in stock, but well done to anyone who managed to secure one.

That was the cheapest PS5 bundle we’ve seen all day, so it flew off the shelves. The next best (and cheapest) bundle is from Game. It’s actually only £10 more than the Ebuyer bundle, More details below.

Buy now from Game

The PS5 is now in stock at Ebuyer, and it’s the cheapest bundle available

Monday 16 May 2022 11:08 , Alex Lee

Another independent games retailer has just dropped the PS5, and this is now the cheapest bundle on offer. Ebuyer is currently selling the PS5 disc edition console bundled with Horizon Forbidden West (digital download), a physical copy of Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga and an extra dualsense controller (£ 589.98,

Buy now from Ebuyer

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