Esther Perel on how the pandemic affected relationships and her own mental health: 'I began to feel very unmoored'

Psychotherapist Esther Perel has spent a career studying human relationships, exploring topics like the desire to the balance between freedom and security. Since the pandemic, however, complicated these topics got complicated even further. The coronavirus pandemic pushed people further apart — physically speaking, at least — than ever before, and forced us to reevaluate how to live, and connect with others, safely.

For the Where Should We Begin? podcast host, who was born in Belgium but is now accustomed to traveling all over the world for work, staying in one place took the biggest toll on her own personal mental health and self-care.

“In the beginning, the focus was on creating a smaller world, staying put, feeling safe and finding ways to stay connected to people after all, but the world was very reduced,” she explains to Yahoo Life. “I have traveled my whole life between a number of different places that I call home. And I have more than one home; I have more than one place where I feel local. And after a while, I began to feel very unmoored because I find my stability from the dynamic inter-dependence of those various homes. And when I have to just be in one place, I start to feel very restless and out of balance.”

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