Pub criticised for ‘sexist’ note asking women to give male partners permission to watch Six Nations

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 (Getty Images/iStockphoto)
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A pub has been criticised for a note posted on its social media feeds that teasingly stated straight male pub-goers needed “permission” from their female partners to watch the Six Nations.

The Town Square Belfast pub in Northern Ireland has since removed the post from its social media feeds.

Addressed to “girlfriend/fiance/wife”, the note read: “Your boyfriend/fiance/husband has been invited to watch the rugby with the lads at Town Square Belfast on the following dates.”

After listing some of the upcoming fixtures, it continued: “These outings obviously require your permission.”

The note signed off with “kind regards, The Lads” before calling on the female partners to circle one of the following options: “I give/do not give consent for my Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband to attend.”

The note was shared on Twitter by one user who commented, “I am VIOLENTLY allergic to this”.

More than 1,800 people liked the tweet, with hundreds of people responding.

“I. Did. Not. Give. Birth. To. My. Husband,” wrote one person.

“‘The boys’, ‘the lads’ and all the rest. It’s all so cringeworthy I don’t know where to start,” added another.

Another who had engaged in a conversation with someone about the note defended their views, writing: “It is misogynistic though. It’s just another ‘ball and chain’ joke, that women are a hindrance in a man’s life and stop them from enjoying things.

“It’s deeply misogynistic and not funny. These are the kinds of jokes that allow male violence to run rampant in our society.”

However, many people disagreed that the note was offensive, with one person accusing the original tweeter of not being able to “take a joke”.

The Independent has contacted The Town Square Belfast for comment.

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