Pub customers locked in after man threatened to stab everyone and kill nearby resident

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The High Park Tavern in Ryde where the incident took place. Picture by Google Maps.
The High Park Tavern in Ryde where the incident took place. Picture by Google Maps.

A PUB owner was so concerned for the safety of his customers, he locked them in after a West Wight groundworker had earlier threatened to stab them.

Police were called to Marlborough Road in Ryde on July 17, following reports of a man — Reece Judge — pacing angrily up and down the road, kicking wing mirrors and being a general nuisance.

Members of the public directed officers to Judge, 21, of Collards Close, Freshwater.

Stuart Steele, landlord of the High Park Tavern pub, said a group of people came in and "it looked obvious they would cause issues", said Liz Miller, prosecuting, at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.

As Judge became louder, Mr Steele asked the group to leave.

Judge reacted by kicking over chairs and threatening to stab people, including a direct threat to the landlord.

A friend of Judge's eventually ushered him out.

Outside, Judge continued to be aggressive, pacing up and down the road, punching cars and shouting at people in the street.

Hearing the commotion, one resident went outside to ask Judge to stop what he was doing, but he reacted by shouting: "I'm going to kill you!" and moved towards her.

Scared, she ran back indoors, but Judge kicked her door so hard, it caused damage — leaving it unable to shut or lock properly and had to be replaced.

Another resident filmed what he saw on his phone and gave it to the police. His wife's car, parked on the drive, was damaged.

Judge admitted two counts of criminal damage, common assault, and a public order offence.

In his statement, Mr Steele said: "A few of the older customers were anxious. When Judge left the pub, I actually locked it, with the people inside, so concerned was I for their safety."

The woman said she was concerned that, with his height and build, Judge would overpower her, there would be no self control and he would seriously hurt her.

In committing the offences, Judge flouted a two-year probation order, imposed at Liverpool Magistrates' Court last year, for assaults on emergency workers.

The order included 300 hours' unpaid work. He completed just 17 and missed two-thirds of his appointments.

Judge, diagnosed with ADHD, an autistic spectrum disorder and learning difficulties, had taken two pills that day, on top of his medication and alcohol, which "impaired and completely distorted his thinking and behaviour," said probation officer, Dawn Young.

He said he had not drunk alcohol since the incident.

For Judge, Jim Osborne said his client couldn't recall the incident but was disgusted with himself when he saw the footage. He admitted he needs help to address his drinking and mental health problems.

Magistrates replaced his probation order, to include 300 hours' unpaid work and 45 rehabilitation days.

He must pay £400 compensation for the door, £200 for the car damage, a £114 surcharge and £85 costs.