Pub landlord posts job advert banning applicants with 'bad teeth, body odour and dodgy toes'

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Pub landlord Craig Harker said he didn't want job applicants with body odour or 'bad teeth'. (SWNS)

A pub landlord has posted a controversial job advert in which he bans applicants with "dodgy toes", "body odour" and "bad teeth".

Craig Harker, 35, asked for applicants to apply as chefs, kitchen porters and front of house staff at his chain of George Pub & Grill venues in Teesside.

In a Facebook post last Thursday, he listed a range of stipulations to potential applicants, including guidelines for their personal hygiene.

He said he's usually "inundated" with poorly thought out applications, so put together an unusual list of requirements in the advert.

Harker said he didn't want people working for him who stay at home all day and play the latest FIFA football video game.

His post advertised positions at his pubs in Middlesbrough, Stockton and Recar.

He wrote: "I'm all for giving anyone a chance whether they be experienced or not but the priority has to be smart, presentable, clean, tidy and have a good work ethic.

The George Pub & Grill has advertised for positions at its three branches in Teesside. (SWNS)

"Don't apply just because the job centre have asked you too. The amount of people I've interviewed over the years that genuinely don't want to be there is absolutely madness."

He continued: "Those that attend with that fruity BO odour, it's a no go. Oway give your pits a wash before you come down for an interview, a quick whiff and spray those bad boys.

"First impressions count. That includes brushing those tusks too. The key part for any interview is first impressions, don't have mine as this person clearly needs a wash and have me turning my head because of that naughty breath that stings my cheeks.

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"Mucky teeth a big no no for me. Give us a big smile eh, if those gnashers are black then stay back, white and you're alright, especially when front of house greeting our customers as they walk through the doors."

He also asked applicants not to turn up to the interview "after a session or a big night and stinking of that last can of lager you had at 5am".

Pub owner Craig Harker said he didn't want applicants who spend all day playing FIFA. (SWNS)

Harker also wrote: "If an interview, get them dodgy looking toes covered up. There's no one with a foot fetish here so keep them piggies covered. These little piggy stayed at home.

He added that he didn't want constant gamers to apply.

"We want lively, bubbly and friendly people for front of house, not people sat at home all day sitting on the latest FIFA and not leaving the house for days on end," he wrote.

"I don't care you've led a team on Call of Duty or Dungeons and Dragons, what real work experience do you have?"

Harker said he is happy to employ vegans, as long as they don't mind serving "big juicy slabs of meat".

Harker caused controversy in 2019 when he posted a Facebook advert asking customers, "Would You Punch Your Ex In The Face For A Steak?".

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