New pub opening hour rules in England from Wednesday this week

Pubs in England WILL be allowed to stay open until 1am on Wednesday as England take on the Netherlands in Euro 2024. The Licensing Act 2003, gives the Home Secretary the power to relax licensing hours on occasions of "exceptional national significance".

Back in May, outgoing Tory Minister James Cleverly said: "Over the coming weeks we will all be getting ready to support our home nations. It will be a busy summer of sport and a proud moment for Britain and we have listened to the public through our consultation.

"We will be extending pub licensing hours should England or Scotland reach the semi-finals or final of Euro 2024. This boost to the hospitality sector will allow friends, families and communities to come together for longer to watch their nation hopefully bring it home."

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It comes as Gareth Southgate has hit out at the personal nature of the criticism and ridicule aimed at him but said it is fuelling his attempts to guide England to glory at Euro 2024. “I can’t deny that some of the personal nature, you know … ,” he said. “This is a job where you get ridiculed, and your professional capability is questioned beyond belief, and I don’t think it’s normal to have beer thrown at you either.

“But I’m fortunate that my life’s taken me through a lot of resilience-building and it’s made me more determined and I’m just using it as fuel. I know where I want to take the team to. The team need to see me strong in those moments as well, otherwise that messaging that you’re giving them on what they need to be, it doesn’t ring true.”

“The difference is we arrive in a quarter-final, we’re not satisfied with that, so there is definitely a mindset shift in what we feel is acceptable as a team,” Southgate said. “Within that it’s knockout football. The margins are so fine. That can easily tip the other way and it’s a different story but those teams that have won consistently, they have that mindset, they’re not just satisfied with being in quarter-finals, they’re pushing on and that’s what we have to continue. This isn’t where we want it to end.”