Pub worker dragged under customer's car as he tried to stop him driving 3 times over limit

A pub worker was dragged under a customer's car as he tried to stop him from driving three times over the limit.

The court heard that cops were called to a pub at 7.25pm on March 9 when Phil Michaelides entered his black Porsche and smashed into a wall before driving over a supervisor and driving home intoxicated.

An inquiry revealed that 60-year-old Michaelides had been seen by two workers at the pub stumbling across the car park before getting into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and proceeding to reverse out of the parking bay, driving forward at speed and colliding with a wall.

Upon approaching the car, one of the men, Alistair Ralston, opened the driver's door and could see him slumped over in the seat with the engine still running, reports the Chronicle.

He asked Michaelides whether he had been drinking and attempted to remove his keys to which he responded ‘f*** off’ and proceeded to drive the vehicle.

At this point, Mr Ralston told how he was on the floor and dragged backwards until the vehicle came to a stop.

He felt immediate pain in his head and chest areas. Work colleagues came to his assistance and removed the Porsche from on top of him.

As a result, Mr Ralston sustained cuts and swelling to the back of his head and bruising to his shoulders, chest, stomach, legs and back.

Shocking CCTV footage from the scene, shows the Porsche crash into a wall before reversing, dragging Mr Ralston with the vehicle before colliding into another car.

Passing sentence, Recorder Tom Moran told him: "You had been drinking a lot because you were more than three times the drink-drive limit. You shouldn't have been anywhere near a car. You were so drunk you couldn't even get the car out of the car park.

"A public-spirited man who worked in the pub saw what was going on and went to intervene. He opened your door and found you slumped over. He was concerned about your safety and the safety of members of the public so, seeking to do the right thing, he tried to get the car keys off you to stop you driving any further.

"You told him to f*** off and tried to drive away. For a few metres, he was dragged along, which was obviously extremely dangerous and frightening for him."

In a victim impact statement, the man said: “This incident has caused considerable pain to myself and I even have flashbacks thinking how lucky I was to survive this incident as I could have died from the male who dragged me in his car as all I was attempting to do was stop the male from hurting himself and others but in the end it was me who was injured from this incident.

"I am still having to go back and forwards to the doctors for treatment as my injuries are still causing great discomfort and I am unsure if I will ever fully recover from this. I can confirm that the way the male drove was dangerous and reckless showing no regard for any other members of the public and this could have ended a lot worse if he wasn't stopped."

The court heard Michaelides, of Mayfair Gardens, Ponteland, has one previous conviction from 1998 for drink-driving and had three points on his licence at the time for speeding.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and drink-driving and was sentenced to 10 months suspended for 12 months. He will also be on a curfew between 7pm and 7am for four months, must pay £150 costs and was banned from driving for three years.

The court heard he is remorseful and has advanced lung cancer and is continuing to receive treatment. He works from home in IT.

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