‘PUBG’ May Get Region Locked PC Servers for Increased Stability

Chris Groux

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may soon feature region locks on its multiplayer servers, but the situation isn’t as bad as it sounds. According to the game’s official Korean blog, regions might remain segregated for the sake of stability and performance.

While the post expresses enthusiasm for recent network tweaks that contributed to a 30 percent decrease in network delay, it also suggests the game’s developers at PUBG Corporation can do better. “For areas experiencing uncomfortable game environments, we are considering operating as a server that can only be accessed and played by players in the area. In addition, people in other regions will not see the server,” PUBG Corp. said in the statement, translated from Korean into English.

If implemented, the only exception to this rule would be parties. Those who party up with PUBG players from different regions will have access to every server available to each party member.

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PUBG combat

By adding region locks to servers, ‘PUBG’ performance is expected to improve. PUBG Corporation

The goal of the new system is to offer a better gaming experience for the entire community. Region separation cuts down on server lag on a global scale, and reduces the all-too-common experience of being grouped with players who don’t speak your native language. Especially when trying to strategize with a skilled squad, differences in region can unfortunately have a negative impact on in-game effectiveness.

Like most PUBG updates, though, this one won’t be made official without proper testing. The post mentions a “pilot operation on a limited scale” to investigate just how well the feature might work. Because this source material pertains to international versions of the game, it’s unclear if or how the U.S. version of PUBG will be impacted. As one of the game’s largest markets, we’d imagine PUBG Corp. would take steps to improve PUBG network reliability in North America whenever possible.

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This news arrives hot on the heels of the release of PUBG Patch 7 to the public environment. It features the implementation of emotes, a working friends list and more. It’s the first major update included in the larger PUBG 2018 Roadmap.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC and in Game Preview on Xbox One.

Would you be OK with PUBG getting region locked servers? Will the game’s network performance improve as a result? Tell us in the comments section!

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