Public enjoy camaraderie in queue to see the Queen lying in state

(Stefan Rousseau/PA) (PA Wire)
(Stefan Rousseau/PA) (PA Wire)

People queuing to see the Queen lying in state have spoken about the feeling of camaraderie with fellow mourners.

Bethany, who arrived in the queue at 11am on Wednesday in preparation to file past the late monarch’s coffin, said: “I think, when I see it, it will start to hit me and become more real, but for the time being today has been a social, fun event with the sun shining.”

The queue to enter Westminster Hall has grown to more than two miles since the first people took their places on Monday.

Trisha, who is number 2,026 in the queue, spoke about “sharing stories” with fellow mourners.

She said: “Everyone’s very friendly, and we’re all here for the same thing, which is to honour the Queen. We’ve met some nice people and we shared stories.

“We’ve even shared contact details. I’ve met someone I was at school with. It’s great.”

(PA Graphics) (PA Graphics)
(PA Graphics) (PA Graphics)

More people continued to join the queue which began moving forward after the doors to Westminster Hall opened to the public at 5pm on Wednesday.

Another woman, who did not want to give her name, told the PA news agency: “It’s good, there’s food, there’s water, there’s toilet facilities. It’s a nice atmosphere.

“We’ve met some new people… we’ve made friends and everything so it’s been like a nice community spirit.”