Three inmates escape Hollesley Bay prison in Suffolk in one day

Police are appealing to the public to help trace three inmates who have escaped from prison.

Joshua Terry, 29, and Levi Mitchell, 39, were reported missing from Hollesley Bay in Suffolk shortly before 7pm yesterday.

Meanwhile, Aidan McGuiness, 44, was reported missing just before 9.20am.

Officers believe Terry and Mitchell escaped the prison together.

Suffolk Police have urged anyone who has seen the men or knows their whereabouts to contact the force - and warned people not to approach them.

Terry is serving a two-year and four-month sentence for affray, threatening a person with a blade / sharply pointed article in a public place and theft.

He is described as being 6ft 2ins tall with ginger hair and blue eyes.

Police have said he is of thin build with stubble facial hair. He also has a tattoo on his lower arm of a star.

Mitchell is was jailed for multiple burglary offences, is described as being 5ft 10ins tall with ginger hair and blue eyes.

Guiness was serving a three-year sentence for theft, fraud, and possession of a controlled drug of Class B charges.

He is described as being 5ft 10 inches tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He is of a thin build with a clean-shaven face and a slight northern accent. He also has a 'Zara' tattoo on his left wrist.

He is of a slight build with goatee. He also has a birthmark on his left arm and hand.