From pubs to private viewings - how the world watched the Queen's funeral

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From pubs, on big screens and at private viewings, we take a look at how people across the world watched the Queen's state funeral.

While tens of thousands of people travelled to London and Windsor for the funeral, people from South Africa, to Nepal and Japan tuned in to watch the service at Westminster Abbey.

Members of the Royal Family, world leaders, politicians and heads of state were among those who attended to say farewell to the Queen who served as monarch for 70 years.

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The funeral was live streamed on screens across Japan, including pubs in the Tokyo district, Shibuya.


A Buddhist monastery in Kathmandu in Nepal, held a prayer session to mark the Queen's funeral.


While in China's capital, residents gathered at a private live viewing of the service to say their final farewell to the Queen.

Washington DC

Over in the US in Washington DC, Americans gathered to watch the procession at a British pub called The Queen Vic.

Cape Town

In Cape Town in South Africa, people gathered at a waterfront to watch the funeral on big screens.


While groups of people gathered to watch the service at Belfast city hall in Northern Ireland.