Pumpkin Tossed Through Windshield on Indiana Interstate

A pumpkin thrown from an overpass above Interstate 70 near Danville, Indiana, smashed through the windshield of a 20-year-old driver’s vehicle on Sunday, October 18, local media reported.

Caleb Needham posted a series of photos from the incident to his Instagram page, writing: “Not all pumpkins are bad pumpkins, but on a real note blessed to have come out of the incident alive and with no injuries.”

According to reports, Needham was on the highway early Sunday morning, traveling about 70 mph when the pumpkin hit his windshield, blowing a hole through the glass and landed in his passenger seat.

State police investigated the overpass and found no clues to the suspect behind the pumpkin tossing. Credit: Caleb Needham via Storyful