The Punisher season 2 enters production very soon

Jack Shepherd

Following The Defenders, Marvel and Netflix have remained tight-lipped about when various already-announced sequel seasons for their series will actually be released.

So far, we know Jessica Jones will return 8 March, a second season of Luke Cage likely following soon after in 2018, and Daredevil’s third season coming after that (no exact release dates have been announced).

The streaming service has also confirmed a second season of both Iron Fist and The Punisher, the second of which reportedly begins production very soon.

According to SpoilerTV, Netflix has scheduled season two of The Punisher to begin production this month, on the 26 February, aiming to wrap things up 20 July.

Considering Luke Cage has already wrapped, Daredevil finishes 14 May, and Iron Fist remains ongoing, we can likely expect the upcoming adventures of Frank Castle to drop onto Netflix mid-2019 following Iron Fist. What will follow that — whether a new series or sequel to The Defenders — remains unknown.

Meanwhile, Jessica Jones reaches Netflix 8 March. Watch the first trailer here.