Pup Predicts World Cup Match Outcomes With Tennis Balls

A playful pup is predicting the results of matches to be played at the World Cup, with video from November 23 showing Charlie’s tips for that day’s fixtures.

Using tennis balls, Charlie predicted that Morocco would beat Croatia, Spain would beat Costa Rica, Belgium would beat Canada, and Germany and Japan would draw.

The previous day, using treats, Charlie correctly predicted a win for France and a draw between Mexico and Poland. He failed to tip Saudi Arabia’s upset win against Argentina, however. Credit: @brightcompetitions via Storyful

Video transcript

- First game is Morocco versus Croatia or a draw. So Morocco, Croatia, or a draw? Come. Which are going for? Which one are you going for? Which one you getting? Which one? Which one? Which one? You're grabbing that one? Oh. Let's have a look. Let's look. Give it to me. There we go. Oh, that's A. OK, so we're going for Morocco win. All right.

OK, Charlie, it's Germany versus Japan. So Germany, it's one of the favorites, or Japan, or a draw? OK. Here you go. Go get the ball. Go get the ball. Which one are you having? Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one? Oh, which one are you going for? Oh, you going for that one? You going for B? [INAUDIBLE]


B. There you go. So give me the ball. OK, he's not giving me the ball. Here we go. That was B. So that is a draw. OK. Next game is Spain versus Costa Rica. So Spain, Costa Rica, or the draw? Go on. What are you going to do? Pick your ball. Pick your ball. Oh. Oh. Pick your ball. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Which one? He's going for Spain. We can see that's an A. There you go. That's an A. Go on. You can have it. Good boy. Last game of the day, Charlie. Belgium versus Canada. We got Belgium, Canada, or the draw. Go on then. Pick your ball. What are you going for, Belgium, Canada, or the draw? Oh. Oh. Oh. What you got? Give me that. Give me that ball. Give me the ball. OK. We've gone for A, which you can just about make out. That's Belgium.