Puppy love: Christmas comes early for two little girls when they receive longed-for pup

This is the heartwarming moment two little girls’ Christmas wish came true and their dream of owning a puppy became a reality.

Leah, nine, and Macy, four, had been begging their parents for a puppy for two years, and on December 1 they got their wish.

Dougie Clark, 41, from Fife, Scotland, filmed his oblivious daughters as they caught sight of the adorable eight-week-old pup.

Named Bella, she made her debut in this touching video that shows Leah in floods of tears when she sees the puppy snoozing in her basket.

Perfect pup: Leah was overwhelmed to see that her doggy dream had come true (Caters)

Dougie, a company director, said: “We started looking for a puppy in the summer.

“We wanted to surprise them on Christmas Day initially but didn’t want any dog breeder to not take us seriously.

“After all, a puppy’s for life, not just for Christmas.”


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Dougie wanted to make sure that the girls would be ready for the addition to the Clark family and took Leah and Macy to visit Bella first.

He said: “We wanted to see how they reacted and interacted to help ensure it was the right thing for everyone.

“The girls thought the puppy was arriving the following week but we arranged the surprise with their grandparents.

“They were shocked and stunned initially, a bit of disbelief too, but once the reality had kicked in the emotion just turned to pure joy, love and happiness.

“Now they are inseparable, we have to remind them that when the puppy’s asleep they need to let her rest so she can have the energy to play with them when she wakes up.”