Puppy rescued after falling down 20ft-deep sewer in west India

A two-year-old stray dog that fell into 20ft-deep sewer was pulled out to safety after 48 hours by a team of rescuers in Maharashtra, India.

The incident took place on November 24 in Nashik.

The video shows a young boy leading the rescuers to a well-like structure covered in thick vegetation.

The boy, who first heard the whimpers of the animal in distress and informed the animal rescuers, makes his way through a clump of trees and points at the deep hole which appears to be a sewage shaft.

The rescuers were shocked to see a forlorn dog stuck in there. The dog looked frail and exhausted as it was in the hole for two days without any food.

Wasting no time, the team of rescuers led by Abhijit Mahale lowered the animal control pole to get a grip on the dog.

It took them around 30 mins to get hold of the hapless dog and pull him out to safety.