Puppy rescued from frozen lake after falling in chasing a duck

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A puppy was dramatically rescued from a frozen lake after falling in the water while chasing a duck.

The dog got stuck in the ice after slipping into the water in Victoria Park, Hackney, east London, at around 11.30am yesterday (SUN).

Its owner was forced to dive into the icy water and smash through ice with his fists to save the stranded puppy.

The helpless canine could be heard yelping for help as it battled to keep its head above the sub-zero water.

Onlookers watched as the dog's owner swam through the cold lake, picked up the tiny dog and waded back to dry land.

As he went ashore with the dog - thought to be a poodle - in his arms, some spectators started clapping and cheering his heroic save.

Footage of the rescue showed the man swimming through the deepest part of the East Lake, before reaching the edge of the solid ice.

He then started punching his way through the frozen water and walked through the rest of the lake at neck height.

As the owner made his way to his pet, the dog could be seen paddling in circles around a small patch of water as it was surrounded by ice.

One local who saw the dramatic scene unfold said many people watching were worried the puppy might die if it stayed in the cold water too long. 

Scott Bratton, who lives near the park and was walking with his housemates at the time, said the dog fell in the water after chasing a duck across the ice. 

The 24-year-old said: "It was quite scary, we were worried that if he doesn't get to the dog soon he might die. We could hear the poor dog squealing as he was trying to get out. 

"Half of the water was frozen, half wasn't and the dog ran over the frozen bit and fell through a bit that wasn't frozen. People around us said the dog was trying to grab a duck when he fell in.

"The owner was shouting at him to get out but where the dog was so small he couldn't do it. The owner was weighing up whether to jump in or not and in the end he had to go in.

"He jumped in and started swimming but had to start banging the ice to get to the dog. 

"It was so cold we were worried the owner might get hypothermia as well. It's not something you see in the park everyday."

Not long after being pulled from the water, the adventurous puppy was then seen chasing a squirrel. 

Mr Bratton added: "We carried on walking further down the park and the owner caught up with us and we saw the same dog trying to chase a squirrel, so I think he was fine, just a bit wet."