Puppy Rescued From Ruins of McKinney Fire

A photographer capturing the damage caused by wildfires close to the town of Klamath River in Siskiyou County, California, came to the aid of a puppy wandering through the ruins of the area.

In footage shared on July 30 by Jonathan Rivas of AIO Filmz, the dog can be seen emerging from behind the charred remains of a vehicle to be greeted by Rivas.

The area has been devastated by the effects of the McKinney Fire, which had stretched to over 50,000 acres by July 31 according to official figures.

After bringing the dog to his truck, Rivas then brought the animal to the Rescue Ranch adoption center in the city of Yreka, “about 30 miles” away. In a post on Facebook on July 31, the facility said that it had taken in “139 fire dogs in less than 48 hours”.

Rivas said the puppy was “standing over a home that had been destroyed by the fire” when it ran up to him while he was filming. Credit: AIO Filmz via Storyful

Video transcript

- Come here, buddy. Are you OK? Are You. OK? What's up with you, buddy? How you doing? Are you good? Yeah?

Oh, you're happy to see somebody? What's up? What's your name? Are you OK? Come here. Come here.

it's OK. Come here. Come here, buddy. Come here. Come here. Come here. You're OK. Are you hurt? Are you hurt? Are you hurt?

No? Oh. Are you OK? Are you OK? You want to come with me? You want me to take you somewhere? Come on.

I'll look at you.

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