Purple’s New Temperature-Control Restore Mattress Is the Reason I’ve Gotten Sleep in My Third Trimester

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And it’s on sale for $200 off.



I am currently in a stage of life that’s notoriously known for its lousy sleep: The third trimester of pregnancy. Getting up at all hours with different aches and pains and my body not knowing whether it's cool or hot are some of the fun issues plaguing my normal sleep schedule these past weeks. Yet, somehow, despite having to wake up every few hours for a bathroom visit, I’ve been getting some of the best sleep of my life. I attribute my restfulness to Purple’s Restore Mattress, a bedroom essential that has kept me cool and supported, which launched today and is on sale for $200 off (or up to $700 off when you bundle it with an adjustable frame).

The brand, known for its foam mattresses, has just launched two new collections: The Premium Collection and the Luxe Collection. The Premium collection is designed for deeper sleep with mattresses that move with you and includes the Restore, RestorePlus, and RestorePremier—which come in firm or soft options. And the Luxe Collection is for sleepers looking to wake up feeling refreshed and includes the Rejuvenate, RejuvenatePlus, and RejuvenatePremier. I received the Restore Mattress in Firm about a month ago and have been testing it nightly since.



To buy: From $1,645 (was $1,845); purple.com.

Swapping my old spring mattress to a supportive foam mattress has made a night and day difference regarding how quickly I fall asleep, the depth of sleep I get, and how well-rested I feel in the morning. The mattress is made up of five layers: a base of responsive coils, a layer of comfort foam, edge support foam, cooling GelFlex Grid, and a top layer of the SoftFlex cover with an antimicrobial finish.

Because I am constantly getting in and out of bed, my laying positions change throughout the night, and I’ve noticed that no matter which position I’m in, my body is supported. The mattress contours to fit me without feeling like I’m going to sink through—an issue I constantly had with my old mattress.

Before pregnancy, I have always been the type of sleeper to layer on blankets and quilts without running hot. However, early in pregnancy, my body temperature would fluctuate, and I’d go from no blankets at all to just the sheet to multiple layers as I couldn’t maintain my temperature while trying to sleep. The breathable mattress has kept my temperature at a more manageable level, so I stay comfortably cool every night with just a sheet.

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I also received the Ascent Adjustable Base alongside the mattress, which allows me to sit up in bed to read or elevate my feet when they’re feeling swollen (thanks for that third trimester). It’s remote-controlled to help you reach the perfect position, and there’s even an anti-snore and zero gravity setting. I will say the base is low to the ground with 9-inch wood legs and it is time-consuming to set up. I’m short and don’t mind a low bed; however, I highly recommend considering the measurements before purchasing the base alongside the mattress.

In celebration of the launch of both the Premium and Luxe Collections, purchase Purple’s brand new Restore Mattress on sale for $200 off, or combine it with the adjustable base for savings of up to $700.

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