Python With Full Belly Gets Stuck in Wire Basket

A snake catcher was called to a Sunshine Coast home recently after a carpet python with a full belly got stuck in a wire basket.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted footage to Facebook showing him gently removing the entangled reptile after its bloated belly couldn’t follow where its head had gone.

“The snake was able to get about a third of its body through until it would no longer fit,” he wrote on Facebook.

In the video, the reptile can be heard hissing at the expert as he attempts to remove it from the basket.

“I’m just going to let it go, it might have to backtrack itself,” McKenzie says after his initial attempt to remove the snake failed.

“I gently encouraged the friendly carpet python backwards and out of the wire box and into the snake bag,” McKenzie told Storyful. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

STUART MCKENZIE: Just received a call for a python, and it's actually got a big food item in its belly. And it's got its head and, I think, like a third of its body through this wire basket in the carport area of the home. So we're going to head over there, hopefully, get him out. Hopefully, he's not stuck and relocating back into the bush.


- [? She ?] went under there.


- [? He ?] is under here, so up in the top. It's basically a set of wire baskets with balls and things in it.

- Yeah, no worries.

- So take that box over the top. It's [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh. Oh, yeah. So you say it had something to eat recently?

- I think he had something to eat recently, yes.

STUART MCKENZIE: Oh, it looks like it's actually--

- Stuck.


- You think he likes football?


- Do you mind if I video just for us?

STUART MCKENZIE: No, that's all right. That's all good. We-- we video stuff anyway. I'm just gonna gently head grab the snake, because what I need it to do is I need it to go back through. No, stop doing what I thought it would.

I'm just gonna let it go. It might have to just backtrack itself. Yeah. Oh, you can't.

- We let the tape [INAUDIBLE].

STUART MCKENZIE: All right, here you go. Here we go. That's it, keep going. Keep going. No, no, no. No, no, no. Out you come. Out you come. Out you come.

These pythons sometimes, I tell you. [INAUDIBLE] go through. Nice, I'm being gentle. I'm being gentle. I'm not even grabbing you. You got to just back it up. Back it up. Back it up. Back it up. Through here. Look, look, look. Nearly there.

Hey, guy, we're all good. Oh. No, we're not. I'm just trying to support the food item here as well. Just watch your movements. Don't-- [INAUDIBLE]

We get the head off and then the tails all tangled. Oh, come on, snake. Come on. The tail you got to be extra careful with. There we go. There we go. Beautiful. Nice healthy python.

All right. It has got a food item so I'm just gonna let it go in the bag itself. There we go. And we'll get it relocated elsewhere.

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