Qatar World Cup: 5 things we learned on Day 5 - edge, glory and a terrific goal


It kicked off as the Iran boss berated a reporter over guess what ... yes, politics. And Cristiano Ronaldo belted in a penalty to enter legend. A Brazilian scored a stupendous goal too. We should be paying for this. But here's the unalloyed joy ... someone else has forked out gazillions.

Politics? What, here in Qatar?

The Iran manager, Carlos Queiroz, got shirty with a reporter at the end of the press conference to discuss his side's match on Day 6 with Wales. Queiroz, 69, suggested other bosses such as England's Gareth Southgate should be grilled about their country's politics. “Why don’t you ask Southgate: ‘What do you think about England and the United States that left Afghanistan and all the women alone?’” The review spies a can of worms.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik?

Presssure continued to build on the Germany boss Hansi Flick after the 2-1 defeat to Japan. Die Mannschaft – as they are so lovingly nicknamed – will play Spain on Day 8 aware that a defeat against Luis Enrique’s hombres will spell auf widersehen from the World Cup at the group stages for the second tournament on the trot. But that’s the kind of consistency for which the Germans are famed. When they were eliminated after the first round of games in Russia, it was the first time such ignominy had befallen the national football team since the 1938 World Cup. "You can understand that we are discussing every matter of personnel and every position," Flick said. "When you have two or three top-class chances, you have to close the game and put a lid on it. We lacked efficiency."

Loud and proud

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