Qatar World Cup: 5 things we learned on Day 10 - history, Song and a hymn

AP - Abbie Parr

An England forward enters the record books. A Song gets tough and when going got rough, the Welsh fans sang.

Catching up

There was a bit of history for the Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford. He scored England’s 100th goal at a World Cup tournament when he struck his second of the night in the 3-0 victory over Wales. This statistic hit the review. We remember the moment when Brazil scored their 100th goal at the World Cup. It was Pelé to make it 1-0 in the World Cup final against Italy in 1970.


Former England international John Barnes, who is black, scored a few crackers for the side during his 79 caps between 1983 and 1995. And the 59-year-old has come up with another one in a piece published in the British newspaper The Times. “How would we like it if African TV stations, pundits and journalists came to a World Cup in England and highlighted injustices towards black people, the lack of black managers, abuse of black players, and worse, the treatment of black people in the inner cities by the authorities? How would we like it if they demanded change and made calls to boycott matches and for the World Cup to be taken off England, while residing at our top hotels and eating at our finest restaurants?” Perhaps by the time the World Cup does get to England the effects of global warming will be such that the whole thing will be played in air-conditioned stadiums – a technique pioneered in Qatar back in 2022.

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