After Quantum Leap's Big Ben And Hannah Moment, Raymond Lee And Eliza Taylor Shared Their Takes On What Their Characters Are Feeling

 Raymond Lee and Eliza Taylor in Quantum Leap.
Raymond Lee and Eliza Taylor in Quantum Leap.

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Quantum Leap episode "Secret History." Read at your own risk!

Quantum Leap Season 2's "Secret History" was a big one for Dr. Ben Song, who may have already (so to speak) found a new love interest after the surprise split with Addison. This shocking development came after the re-appearance of Hannah Carson, played by new Season 2 regular Eliza Taylor, who shared a kiss with at the end of the episode, sparking all manner of agog reactions and questions about what it means for the future. Fortunately, CinemaBlend chatted directly with Taylor and co-star Raymond Lee about the smoochy moment, and heard their thoughts on what's happening with each character.

Dr. Ben Song is having a rough season, as he recently learned he was missing for three years, and his fiancé Addison is now in a serious relationship with another man. The breakup is pretty fresh to the time traveler, which had me turn to Raymond Lee for answers on what's happening in Ben's mind when he went for that kiss. Here's how he explained that impulse:

What I think is going on with Ben is he has spent about twenty leaps not being able to physically be with somebody, not being able to physically touch anyone. And he's come close to a lot of just intense moments and here comes someone who he finds an immediate attraction with in a way that is stimulating to him. I believe there, I don't know what the percentage is of physicists out there, but I can imagine there are many, and especially when you're leaping through time and you're running into somebody again. You just have a very specific pocket of overlapping interests. And, you know, Hannah is a fascinating individual, and it just made sense for that attraction to be there.

Co-showrunners Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris hinted where Season 2 is headed to CinemaBlend, and also noted there's a natural connection between Ben and Hannah. Raymond Lee went a step further to point out how statistically improbable it is that two physicists would cross paths twice on a leap and the strong attraction that is created between them as a result. Is it fate that these two are together, or is Ziggy intentionally putting Hannah in Ben's path for a reason?

Eliza Taylor couldn't share what's ahead for Hannah in the rest of Season 2, which will return the week after Thanksgiving, but she did offer some interesting insight for fans to mull over as they binge the latest episodes with a Peacock subscription. Hannah has seemingly found someone she wants to know everything about, which is heartwarming and gut-wrenching at the same time, all things considered. In her words:

I think for Hannah, it's very bittersweet, you know? It's the same sort of feeling as Ben in the way that she's found someone who is so like-minded and so fascinating and is doing something that she's probably theorized about ever since she discovered her love for physics. So I think that she's finally found this person, her person, and he's, he's gotta go, and she doesn't know if she'll see him again. So, very bittersweet.

Romance and time travel can be complicated, but there are fictional couples who make it work. Doctor Who's Doctor and River Song come to mind, but maybe it's a little premature to compare Ben and Hannah to that sci-fi coupling after one kiss.

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Ernie Hudson as Magic in Quantum Leap

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After all, one could categorize this as a rebound for Ben, who went from engaged to single in what felt to him like an instant. Considering part of the reason for this breakup and bombshell time jump reveal was to deepen Season 2's emotional storytelling, I could see Ben ultimately regretting or becoming conflicted after the kiss.

Unfortunately, it might be a while before we see more of Ben and Hannah, considering the returning episode will show him in 1600's Salem. Unless she's some sort of witch, she probably won't be alive during that episode, and if she is, I don't like her chances of surviving the leap. Executive Producer Chris Grismer talked about this leap when it was revealed during the trailer and noted it as a leap to be excited about. With an extended wait to see how things play out, I have nothing else to do but be excited and wonder what else is happening in this big season.

Quantum Leap returns with a new episode on Wednesday, December 6th, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep an eye on CinemaBlend for more on the hit NBC series in the meantime.