Queen Camilla's favourite TV show she 'loves to watch' when she sneaks off to Wiltshire home

Queen Camilla recently revealed she was a huge fan of Bridgerton, but it turns out she's a long standing soap fan too
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Queen Camilla recently confessed her fondness for Netflix's popular series Bridgerton while touring a garden inspired by the Regency-era drama at the Chelsea Flower Show. Yet despite being well known as a keen reader, Camilla is not one to avoid soap operas and other mainstream TV shows either - including one very popular ITV soap.

At a 2022 event, she hinted that she had watched Netflix's The Crown when she humorously suggested to Emerald Fennell, who plays Camilla in the series, that she could finish her speech for her. In addition to enjoying Netflix programmes, the Queen is reportedly a fan of the successful British soap Coronation Street, often indulging in the show when she "sneaks" off to her Wiltshire residence.

While the Royal Family boasts an impressive array of official residences across the country, Camilla maintains her private home in Wiltshire, which she acquired following her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles in 1994.

This residence is well-known as Camilla's preferred retreat during her leisure time, where she can escape the public eye of Royal life and spend time with her grandchildren. Last year, it also served as the setting for portraits of Camilla taken by the Princess of Wales to mark her 75th birthday, reports OK!.

After divorcing her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, Camilla bought Ray Mill in Wiltshire for £850,000 and lived there full-time from 1996 to 2003. Conveniently, it's just a 15-minute drive from Highgrove, King Charles' cherished home.

Camilla's residence boasts an array of stunning features, including an outdoor pool, a terrace, stables for her horses, expansive gardens, and even a river. It was the chosen venue for her daughter Laura Lopes' wedding reception when she tied the knot with Harry Lopes in 2006.

The Queen's abode is celebrated as her sanctuary, where, according to a source quoted by the Express, "At Ray Mill she can sit down with a big GandT, kick off her shoes and watch Coronation Street, which Charles loathes."

The same insider disclosed Camilla's relaxed approach to housekeeping, contrasting King Charles' penchant for order: "She also doesn't have to bother about how the place looks Charles is so fussy about tidiness, while she leaves her stuff all over the place. She doesn't need her cushions plumped all the time."

These revelations echo previous reports about the Queen Consort's untidy tendencies, with her good friend and one-time flatmate Virginia Carrington exposing that Camilla's bedroom often resembled the aftermath of an explosion.

After completing her education at Mon Fertile finishing school at 17, the young Camilla shared a two-bedroom flat in Belgravia with Virginia, the offspring of the former Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington. Virginia has openly reminisced about their shared living experience in Jessica Jayne's book 'The Duchess Of Cornwall: Camilla's Story And Secrets'.

She reminisced: "On coming home, she would just drop her clothes on the floor and leave them. Camilla's bedroom always looked like a bomb had hit it."

Gyles Brandreth, author and broadcaster, also painted a picture of the domestic chaos: "Virginia was fairly tidy and organised and Camilla drove her nuts, in the nicest possible way."

He continued: "Virginia once told me: 'You know, Camilla has this inability to hang anything up on a hanger. And she has an aversion to cleaning fluids of any description. You should see the state of the bathroom when she's been in it'."