Queen’s funeral draws emotion from media outlets around the world

Members of the media outside Westminster Abbey (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)
Members of the media outside Westminster Abbey (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)

Coverage of the Queen’s state funeral drew emotion around the world, with some international broadcasters becoming visibly moved during their coverage of the historic event.

Global outlets from the US, Canada and Australia have all provided daily updates and live coverage of the events leading up to the funeral on Monday.

Despite time differences, several also provided full, live coverage of the funeral itself, broadcast for viewers across the pond.

Wrapping up coverage of the day’s events, MSNBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell was audibly emotional during her sign off.

“Can I just say, well done Elizabeth R. Well done,” she said, her voicing trembling as she held her colleagues’ hands.

Clarissa Ward, CNN chief international correspondent, said that the atmosphere in London throughout the day had been “sombre” and “one of reverence”.

“It’s really the culmination, isn’t it?” she said, during her own live coverage of the coffin’s transfer to Windsor.

“It’s been ten days of mourning, ten days of people trying to grapple with a new reality of, like, in the United Kingdom without the Queen.”

Vladimir Duthiers, of CBS, praised the Queen’s “unwavering duty” from the first days of her reign “until her very last”.

“Her dedication to duty, her dedication to this kingdom – it never wavered.

“Nor did her love for her people, woven into the cloth of her life, who turned out in the thousands to say their final goodbyes with resplendent pageantry.”

The funeral was described as “the Queen’s gift to the people and…the people’s gift to the Queen” on Australian news channel 9News.

“I think it was a fitting farewell filled with love and respect. I feel a bit exhausted after it, but also so pleased and privileged to have watched it,” one of the channel’s correspondents said, standing outside Westminster Abbey.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself, it’s been a privilege to bring this broadcast, this funeral,” her colleague replied.

Canadian network CBC also had live televised coverage of the funeral on Monday, on its main CBC News Network, as well as CBC TV, CBC Gem, and the CBC News app.