'Go... if you must': Newspapers react to Royal Family's 'Sandringham showdown'

The newspapers’ front pages are dominated by the Queen’s decision to allow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to break away from the Royal Family.

Following crunch talks at Sandringham on Monday, the Queen gave her backing to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their desire to step back from their senior royal roles.

While she made it clear she wished the couple would remain full-time working members of the Royal Family, the Queen gave them her blessing.

The Sun sums up the Queen’s decision with the headline: “Orf you go”.

In an editorial, the newspaper says the Queen may have made the “biggest mistake of her long reign”.

It called Prince Harry and Ms Markle’s demands “selfish” and “petulant”.

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The Daily Telegraph’s front page headline referred to the “Queen’s reluctant farewell”.

In its editorial, the newspaper praised the Queen for taking a “firm grip on the situation”, calling her statement “sensible and businesslike”.

In the Telegraph cartoon, Matt depicted a court jester leaving the talks at Sandringham with the caption, “Wow, tough crowd”.

Metro’s front page headline read simply: “You can go your own way”, while the Daily Mail said: “Go... if you must”.

The Times reported on the “transition period” agreed with the Queen which will allow the couple to divide their time between the UK and Canada.

In its front page headline, The Daily Express said the “gracious” Queen had granted Harry his wish.

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