Queen’s Jubilee Pageant: BMX stunt riders and acrobats Cirque Bijou among performers

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The Cirque Bijou will be part of the procession of floats in London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ( )
The Cirque Bijou will be part of the procession of floats in London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ( )

The Cirque Bijou will be part of the procession of floats in London for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with their trademark BMX stunt riders and have promised the show will be “a lot of fun”.

The performance by the Bristol-based group will also include trampolinists flying off a moving float and an acrobatic dancer on crutches Centred around a giant moving stage, the float will include a trampoline in the middle, a live DJ and wheelchair basketball players weaving out of BMX stunt riders freewheeling off four accompanying Land Rovers.

Cirque Bijou artistic director Julian Bracey said they were looking forward to working with many other street theatre and carnival companies.

He said: “It’s going to be a lot of fun. We had to sort of go into hibernation over lockdown a bit so to come out and do a really big project with lots of other British companies is really exciting.”

Platinum Jubilee 2022 preparations

Extreme mountain bikers Danny and Ashley Butler, who will be jumping and back flipping between the float, cars during the dramatic performance.

The Coronation act in the pageant by Brent-based Mahogany Carnival Art will be a carnival parade with a nod to Her Majesty the Queen hearing of her ascension to the throne whilst she was on safari in Kenya.

Drummers will lead the procession, followed by an array of animal carnival costumes made up of elephants, giraffes, and flamingos with decorated mobility scooters ridden by elder members of the community also taking part.

Dancers dressed as flowers inspired by the design of the coronation gown lead onto a giant gold orb and sceptre. Children from Brent’s Queen’s Park Community School will also take part.

The centrepiece is a giant 3D wire frame bust of Her Majesty the Queen, which is trailed by a troop of dancers dressed in purple and white, who form together to create a birds-eye image the Coronation robe.

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Symbols representing the nine major faiths are embroidered into the train, as well as pieces decorated by the local community. A group of 11 dancers dressed as the flowers of the Commonwealth will also take part.

The Coronation is designed by Clary Salandy and Carl Gabriel, two of the most important artists from the Notting Hill Carnival, it features three-hundred costumes which have been made by members of the Haringey community.

The River of Hope act is by Thames Festival, Kinetika Bloco and Oi Musica .

It showcases The Queen’s love for the natural world and the aspiration of young people for a greener future.

Two hundred designs created by school children from across the Commonwealth are made into flags to be processed alongside young musicians from London and Scotland.

Meanwhile two young dancers from London schools will carry the silk flags, performing a choreographed routine. The flags feature artwork created by children from around the UK and Commonwealth, with designs focusing on the environment and Climate Change. The flagbearers are heralded by a 100-piece mass band, including 10 sousaphones, celebrating the music of the street and communities coming together.

The River of Hope project also includes teachers talking to their pupils about how to live a sustainable life and looking at the impact of pollution on the river system.