Queen’s jubilee parade shows protesters storming onto the Mall before being dragged away by the police

Shocking footage from the Queen’s jubilee parade show animal rights activists storming onto The Mall before being dragged away by police.

The chaotic scenes took place this morning during the Trooping the Colour, which was attended by royals including Prince William, Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

In the disturbing video, around eight protesters holding leaflets jump over barricades before sitting down on the road as a marching band approaches.

Met police officers can then be seen wrestling the group of mostly young men away from the centre of the procession, as the band members keep moving passed them.

Nearby crowds, who had come from all around the country to line the streets for the royal event, could be heard booing the men as they were pulled back.

Graham Minton, 55, a black cab driver from London, who filmed the footage, said he was "shocked" by what he had seen.

He said: “It was shocking to be there. That was right at the start when the first band came marching through.

"These guys sprang out of nowhere, and they came from a long way back

“A couple of them got to where the band was and then sat down. They were wearing disguises. One was wearing a blow-up crown on his head.

“They were carrying some kind of placards with them, but I couldn’t see what was on them, they were around A4 size.

"I’ve since heard they were animal rights protesters.

He added: “The police did very well. They had them by the curb for a while. They cuffed them up and dragged them away. They were very quick.”

Ian Hartless, 54, a glazer from Liverpool, also witnessed the demonstrators charging into the middle of the parade.

He said: "They all ran out in front of people on The Mall, right in front of the procession.

“There was a band going through, and they ran in front of them, and the police were there.

“I saw one of the leaflets on the floor. I think they were asking the royals to release some land.''

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