Queen lookalike receives more bookings than ever since Her Majesty's death

A professional lookalike of The Queen has revealed she has no plans to retire and has been inundated with bookings following Her Majesty's death.

Patricia Ford, 87, has been making appearances as Queen Elizabeth II across the globe for the past 20 years.

The widowed mum-of-two began working as a lookalike in 2002 after after people kept stopping her in the street mistaking her for the real thing.

She has since appeared hundreds of times at events both domestically and abroad, made a film with Sir Michael Caine and starred in multiple TV shows.

But despite The Queen's passing this week, the retired secretary said she has no plans to hang up her crown as she is still getting requests for future bookings.

And she believes she could be Britain's only remaining lookalike of The Queen after all the others retired or died.

Patricia, of Tamworth, Staffs., said: "I want to carry on her legacy and I'll keep on going until people don't want me to do it anymore.

"All the other Queen lookalikes I know of have retired or died, so I've outlived the fake Queens - and now the real one as well.

"The last one I knew on the circuit couldn't drive so had to be picked up to go anywhere, whereas I still drive around, catch the train and take myself of anywhere.