Queen’s Platinum Jubilee winning emblem revealed, in all its unbroken glory

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Edward Roberts - Jacob King/WPA Pool/Getty Images
Edward Roberts - Jacob King/WPA Pool/Getty Images

A contest to create an emblem for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee has been won by a teenage student whose design used one continuous line to represent the 70-year reign.

Edward Roberts, a 19-year-old undergraduate, created a design featuring a stylised crown drawn with an unbroken line, which incorporated the number 70.

It was chosen by a judging panel of industry experts who had set young creatives the challenge of capturing the Queen’s reign with their artistic skills.

The student’s emblem, set against a backdrop with a shade of regal purple that most closely corresponds to the Queen’s coronation robe, is to be used to publicise the Platinum Jubilee.

The occasion will be marked next June by a four-day bank holiday weekend, along with celebrations including a live concert outside Buckingham Palace.

Mr Roberts, from Southwell, Notts, said: “It’s just an amazing feeling to win it, I couldn’t believe I’d won it really. I thought I had achieved something by getting to the top 100 so to win it – I was over the moon.”

He learnt of his success last Thursday, when he was contacted by the Lord Chamberlain, Baron Parker, the most senior official in the Queen’s Royal household.

The competition was run by Buckingham Palace with the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum for aspiring artists and illustrators aged between 13 and 25, with entries said to have been submitted from all four nations of the UK.

Edward Roberts - Jacob King/Getty
Edward Roberts - Jacob King/Getty

Mr Roberts, who is studying for a degree in graphic and communication design at the University of Leeds, has a passion for art and design, and worked on the emblem in his spare time, making continual improvements as he went.

He described his design as “elegant” and said of his inspiration: “I was thinking of ways I could re-create the continuity of the Queen’s reign in the design and I had a eureka moment.

“I thought if I could create a continuous line that incorporates the key features of St Edward’s crown that would be a really good way of representing the continuing reign of the Queen.”

He added: “I wanted the design to also symbolise a royal seal and put it within a circle to give the impression of a royal wax seal, and I think that’s come across really effectively in the design.”

A closeup of the Jubilee Emblem - News Scans
A closeup of the Jubilee Emblem - News Scans

The winning design was chosen by a judging panel of graphic designers, visual artists and design professionals, experts from the V&A, the Royal College of Art, the Design Museum, and a representative from the royal household, chaired by Tristram Hunt, the V&A director.

Paul Thompson, vice-chancellor of the Royal College of Art, and a member of the judging panel, said: “This clean graphic design takes us on a simple line journey to create the crown and the number 70, beautifully capturing the continuous thread of Her Majesty The Queen’s 70-year reign.

“Drawn on a computer, the ingenious emblem works across all scales and the flow of the line gives us a sense of a human touch behind the digital design process.”

Mr Roberts will be invited to attend next year’s Jubilee celebrations.

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