Queen of the Universe winner shares her plans for the prize money

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Photo credit: World of Wonder
Photo credit: World of Wonder

Brazilian drag performer Grag Queen was crowned the winner of Paramount's Queen of the Universe earlier this week, in a new drag queen singing competition from the creators of RuPaul's Drag Race.

When Grag Queen was announced as the winner on the show, host Graham Norton asked her what winning would mean to her and she said it would mean she is a millionaire in her native Brazil.

Now, she has revealed what she plans to do with the amazing $250,000 prize money that comes with being the winner of the show.

Photo credit: World of Wonder
Photo credit: World of Wonder

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Speaking to Variety, Grag said: "It feels amazing [to win]! I can go to the medic. I don't look at the prices anymore."

She also said she would "give [her] mother and father a very good living" with the money.

"I just want us to be protected and healthy. I don't really feel like a millionaire right now, but I get used to the good things very, very fast," Grag added.

She will also be releasing an album as soon as she can, which will feature English, Portuguese and Spanish songs. Grag Queen said she may go to L.A to record new songs and do some gigs.

Photo credit: Samir Hussein - Getty Images
Photo credit: Samir Hussein - Getty Images

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Adding that she wants to "bring some joy to [her] people" by being a representative of the LGBTQ+ community, she noted this is particularly because Brazil's LGBTQ+ population are often persecuted for their identities.

"We are still trying to find some place of peace... I really want to use this platform to make people know that this situation is crazy and it's real," she said.

Queen of the Universe airs on Paramount Plus, while RuPaul's Drag Race UK streams on BBC Three (via iPlayer) in the UK and on WOW Presents Plus in the US.

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