Queen’s well-wishers ‘will see more dry weather this weekend’

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There should be “more dry weather than wet weather” across the UK on Saturday as well-wishers pay their respects to the Queen, the Met Office has said.

The weather should be better than it was on Friday, with relatively warm temperatures for the country all round.

England and Wales are likely to have some showers throughout the day, with temperatures between 20 and 23C.

Met Office spokesman Craig Snell told the PA news agency: “For England and Wales, it’s going to be another day of sunny spells and scattered showers. But unlike recent days, where some of the showers have been really torrential, they should be a bit lighter.

“There could still be the odd rumble of thunder, kind of across East Anglia into Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

“For a lot of people, there should be more dry weather than wet weather whereas in the last couple of days the balance has probably been the other way.”

For people paying their respects at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, Mr Snell recommended bringing an umbrella.

He said: “There will probably be a few showers around the London area. Hopefully it’ll be more in the way of dry weather than wet weather.

“Anything that does pass over London possibly won’t be too heavy at all. But I would recommend maybe keeping a brolly handy.”

Northern Ireland and Scotland should experience dry weather on Saturday, with temperatures reaching roughly 18 or 19C.

Mr Snell said: “After some very wet weather across Scotland, it is generally going to be a dry day with some sunny spells.

“The most frequent sunny spells will be kind of across the north-western half of Scotland, but it will be generally dry across Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

For those visiting Balmoral Castle, there could be some sunshine, as the north east of Scotland is “generally looking OK and dry”.

He added: “Some sunshine will come out as the day goes on so it should be a fair day up there.”

He said Edinburgh should be fairly similar, with “daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday looking dry. It will be a bit sunnier in Balmoral than across Edinburgh but even as we go into the afternoon in Edinburgh on Saturday, we should see some sunshine.”