The Queen's already signed off her own funeral - 'It's her final piece of control'

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The Queen is the longest serving monarch in British history.

She’s been on the throne for 66 years and, at 92 years of age, it’s likely that detailed plans have been put in place for her funeral.

It’s well known that major media outlets have pre-prepared days of round-the-clock coverage for after she dies.

But, how much involvement has Her Majesty had with the royal household’s plans?

Nick Bullen, an award-winning documentary producer with unprecedented access to the royals, has revealed that the Queen already knows the content of the obituaries being made about her.

“She knows what’s being made about her, there’s no doubt about that,” he tells Yahoo UK‘s ‘The Royal Box’.

Everything is run by the Queen (Getty)
Everything is run by the Queen (Getty)

Bullen’s production company’ has made its own documentary about the Queen and her role as a working woman in a man’s world, to be aired in the event of her death.

He adds: “Every detail of the Queen’s funeral will have been approved by the Queen. I don’t believe she’s left anything to chance.

“So it is her final piece of control, I imagine.”

Bullen describes the extent to which the Queen is involved in every detail of royal life.

“The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations were a five-day extravaganza. We had over 1100 horses at Windsor, a cast of thousands, Dame Shirley Bassey, Dame Helen Mirren – they were all there, everybody was there. And the whole Royal Family. I mean, literally, the entire Royal Family.

“And the Queen was involved throughout the process. So much so, that during rehearsals the Duke of Edinburgh came and sat behind us in the seats taking notes on the rehearsals to take back up to the Queen. And I’m told, I don’t know if this is true but I really hope it is true, that she was up on one of the towers at Windsor Castle with binoculars, looking down at the rehearsals. So, properly, properly involved.

“She turned up one day – we had this LED digital display going around the arena – and she looked at it and she didn’t say anything for a while. But we all knew something was coming. Then she turned around, and said: ‘No, I think we’ll lose the digital display. This isn’t a football match.’ The digital display was gone, like that.”

According to Bullen, the Queen tends to be right. “She’s done it so much. She’s being doing this for longer than we’ve been alive. She’s seen it all, done it all, she knows what she’s about. And she is normally right. I fear for any of those household cavalry boys parading in front of her. She knows if a buckle is out of place, if the stirrup isn’t shiny enough. You’re aware, when you’re in her presence, that she has got her eye across the lot.”

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Bullen also confirms that the decision to hold Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor was made by the Queen.

“From the moment the engagement came, she said ‘it’s Windsor,'” says Bullen.

There were some criticism from the public over the reported £2 million cost in security to the taxpayer for a near-identical wedding, just months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in May. Particularly as Eugenie is currently ninth in line to the throne, compared to her cousin Harry, who is sixth.