Queen's cypher adornes an amateur rugby league pitch in a stunning tribute

The Queen's cypher adornes an amateur rugby league pitch in a stunning tribute to Her late Majesty painted using a GPS robotic line-marker.

Landscaping boss Garry Scott, 43, has etched the Royal Cypher on Newsome Panthers' pitch in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Stunning aerial photos show the insignia either side of the halfway line at the club's Hall Bower Playing Fields homeground.

And he is hoping to paint the EIIR symbols on fields across West Yorkshire - which would normally cost around £80 - for free to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II.

Garry said the robot, which cost £26,000, is only one of a few in use in the country, and uses GPS tracking to mark out lines on sports pitches.

He said: "We were the first company in the world to use the Queen's logo.

"We're donating the logo to clubs who've used us before to give a bit back to the local community and to support what's going on at the moment.

"Our first one was a junior club last week and we're hoping to do around 25-30 logos around West Yorkshire."

"It's a nice way for clubs to pay tribute and makes a nice photo for them."

Using state of the art GPS tracking, Garry is able to input the logo on the robot's computer and lay it over a satellite image of the field.

The robot then follows the instructions and marks out the pitch with the paint.

Club coach Ritchie Hawkyard, whose side have a play-off semi-final at the weekend, said it was a nice mark of respect to the Queen.

He said: "It's just our way of paying respects from the club. We've got a semi-final in the play-offs this weekend, we're hoping to get the players lined up either side of it for a minute's silence."