Queen's lying in state ends as last person passes through Westminster Hall

The last member of the public to see the Queen lying in state has said it was an "honour" - and went through the queue twice overnight to view her coffin.

People have lined up for miles to see the Queen's coffin, but the viewing closed at 6.30am after more than four days.

The coffin will now leave Westminster Hall shortly after 10.35am and the funeral at Westminster Abbey starts at 11am.

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The last person in the queue was Chrissy Heerey, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, who like thousands before her bowed her head in silence.

She first saw the Queen's coffin at 1.15am but said she "felt I needed to go through again", so lined up a second time.

Ms Heerey, who is in the RAF, said: "I swore my allegiance to her - I just feel very proud being in the air force and being one of her subjects."

She called the Queen an "amazing lady who will never be replaced".

"I just felt very proud that I was there and just very honoured that I was given the privilege to be able to go through again, and obviously be the last person."

After 14 hours of queuing she's staying in London to watch the funeral and said it would be a "long day but well worth it".

Several members of parliamentary staff filed out after Ms Heerey, with Black Rod - Sarah Clarke - appearing to wipe away a tear as she walked away.

Anger and 'misinformation' over final wristbands

However, some people who narrowly missed out were left angry and said they had been given "false hope".

Pauline Pearce waited for seven hours and said there was "constant misinformation".

"All of us have felt angry today," she said. "We were sent from one point to another and living off the false hope that they might let us in.

"At one point they said they were going to open the gates, then suddenly they didn't. There was no empathy at all from the organisers."

Fiona Harper said there was "ineptitude" and confusion about where the final wristbands would be given out.

"The problem was that we were all led to believe that you picked up your wristband at the end of the queue," she said.

"So, we were querying for an hour and a half before they told us there were no more wristbands."

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The queue closed on Sunday morning and people were warned not to turn up any more. The line had stretched from parliament, along the south bank of the Thames, past Tower Bridge, to Southwark Park.

Wait times varied but were estimated at more than 24 hours at some points over the last few days.

The total number who viewed the Queen's coffin is so far unclear, but crowds were constant since the moment the lying in state began on Wednesday evening.

Many people described making friends with those around them in the queue and former footballer David Beckham was among those who lined up to pay his respects.