Queensland Catcher Removes Snake Seen Lurking in School Hallway

A Queensland snake catcher came to the aid of teachers and students alike when he removed a carpet python from a school in Nambour.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 posted video to Facebook showing him capturing the snake and bringing it back to the bush.

McKenzie said in the Facebook post that a “rather healthy” carpet python had been spotted hanging out in the windows of the main hallway.

“A few of the teachers and students didn’t feel comfortable with it being there so we headed out and relocated it,” he wrote. “It didn’t come out easy and used the windows louvers to its advantage but we got there eventually.”

McKenzie told Storyful the snake seen in the video was one of three the school had in the space of two days. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

Video transcript

- Bonnie at this time.

- We've just arrived at a local school for another climbing carpet python, and you can see where it is at the top there. I wonder how we're going to get this out. Good day, how are you?

- He did try and come down here, but we sort of stood there and sent him back up so he didn't go missing.

- That's all right. Should be able to grab him from the inside.

- His head is right up against the bottom corner, that side.

- He's like under that [INAUDIBLE].

- Under this?

- Right, under there.

- Yeah, yeah, OK. We'll have to get him from the inside, is that all right? Be careful on the snake as well.

- Yeah.

- There are--

- You got your bag [INAUDIBLE]?

- Thank you, snake.

- We had some technical difficulties, so you've got a voiceover from Stu himself. But yeah, as you can see, getting the snake here. Beautiful, healthy Python from the school. I believe what I was talking about is just, I guess, reiterating the fact that it was at a school. There were kids there, they were a bit concerned about it.

It was directly above a walkway. So the best thing, I guess, for the kids, the students, and the snake is just to get it out of the school and back in the bush where it belongs. But yeah, very cool to catch a nice, healthy, two meter snake. He was pretty stoked to get back in the wild. A nice bit of bush in Nambour, and a great call out.