Queensland Rail Releases Footage of Near Misses Involving Children as Part of Safety Campaign

Queensland Rail has released dramatic footage from train stations in Brisbane showing near-miss incidents as a reminder to commuters to Mind the Gap and stay behind the yellow line, especially when travelling with children.

Footage from Woodridge, Alderley, Roma Street, and Central stations, all in or near Brisbane, shows incidents where children could have been harmed.

The most recent clip, from Woodridge Station in March, shows a young boy pulled back at the last minute while running towards an oncoming train.

Other clips show small children falling into the gap between the train and platform at Alderley, Roma Street, and Central stations.

“It’s confronting, but we want to show everyone just how quickly children can find themselves in potentially dangerous situations," Queensland Rail’s head of south east Queensland, Scott Riedel, said.

“Children are often excited about boarding the train or are distracted – that’s why it’s so important for mum, dad or carers to be vigilant," he added.

“While small children can often fit through the gap, a larger child or adult can still sustain a painful injury if a limb slips between the train and platform,” Riedel said.

There were 122 incidents where people slipped between the train and platform between January 2020 and the end of February 2023, Queensland Rail said.

Riedel encouraged parents and carers to play a role in educating children on rail safety, saying: "Discuss boarding and disembarking safely, hold their hands if possible and mind the gap – a moment of inattention is all it takes.

“Remind children to ‘stay fine behind the yellow line’, pay attention to station staff directions and to never venture onto the tracks – even if they drop something. Be alert when travelling with excited little ones who may wander close to the edge of the platform unaware of the dangers of passing trains," Riedel advised. Credit: Queensland Rail via Storyful

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