Queensland Snake Catcher Retrieves Carpet Python From Under Kitchen Cabinet

A snake catcher in Doonan, Queensland, kept his cool as he removed a carpet python from underneath a kitchen cabinet.

This video shows Luke Huntley from Snake Catcher Noosa retrieving the snake from the kitchen. In the footage, filmed on September 14 according to Huntley, he picks up the carpet python and flinches as the snake tries to defend itself before safely putting it into a net.

“Sometimes when [snakes] are in the open like this they feel very, very threatened, and obviously I’ve just picked him up. He feels like he’s got nowhere to go. That’s why he’s defending himself like that. Rest assured he’s not an aggressive snake. He just didn’t want to be picked up,” Huntley says in the video. Credit: Snake Catcher Noosa via Storyful

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