Queer As Folk: Reboot’s season finale features huge Easter egg to the British original

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The Queer as Folk season finale featured a huge nod to the original 1999 British series.

In the new American reboot of the two-season UK drama – released 9 June on Peacock in the US – Brodie (Devin Way) returns home to New Orleans, only to find his friends have moved on with their lives.

However, in the aftermath of a tragedy, he and his friends must lean on each other as they try and rebuild their city’s queer community.

Jesse James Keitel, who plays Ruthi, a trans woman stuck in a party girl phase, recently confirmed to ET that the revival would definitely include “a lot of little Easter eggs to the original”.

Did you catch the biggest one? Here’s a hint, it’s in the eighth and final episode of the series.

Spoilers to follow

In a self-righteous attempt to spare his friends and family from his toxicity, Brodie contemplates relocating to Manchester, England.

Charlie Hunnam (Getty Images for SiriusXM)
Charlie Hunnam (Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Initially, his choice seems random, but true fans will remember that this is the setting of the British iteration of the series.

As Brodie’s sharing the information with a friend, he takes out his phone to open his Grindr account and says, “Check out this guy”.

There, on his screen, is a dating profile for Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam), one of the much-loved leads from the original UK show.

Sadly, any hopes of a special cross-over second season are all but dashed when it’s made clear by the end of the episode that Brodie’s probably not moving across the pond.

After appearing in the orginal Queer as Folk as a teenager, Newcastle-born Hunnam went on to star as a US biker in Sons of Anarchy, for which he was twice nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor.

Queer as Folk is available to stream on Peacock in the US and will release on 1 July on Starz in the UK.

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