Outrage as Liz Truss gets a resignation honours list

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Outrage as Liz Truss gets a resignation honours list

The Londoner called No10 this morning who said they had “no confirmation” either way whether Truss would be granted permission to make one after spending just over a month in Downing Street. Since then the Telegraph have repoted she will make a resignation honours list.

Most departing Prime Ministers get to nominate people to the House of Lords and for other honours when they leave office. But as Truss only lasted a few weeks, she may not be allowed.

Clamour online to deny Truss a list had been growing. Former Tony Blair aide Alastair Campbell tweeted: “Neither she nor Johnson should be allowed a resignation honours list. They have no honour. They have disgraced and debased an office they should never have held.” Journalist Isabel Oakeshott wrote online: “Does Liz Truss get resignation honours? A nice K for Kwasi the fall-guy, perhaps?”

Resignation honours are often controversial. Boris Johnson’s full resignation honours list has not been released, but is said to include former Tory MPs and donors. Harold Wilson’s 1976 ‘Lavender List’ of resignation honours caused a national scandal for including wealthy businessmen whose principles were considered antithetical to those held by his Labour Party at the time.

There is also debate over whether Truss should get the £115,000 a year for a private office given to former premiers.