I queued for a cuppa at Coate Water but cafe wouldn't accept cash

Coate Water Country Park ice-cream queue
Coate Water Country Park ice-cream queue

No cash at Coate

On a nice sunny day on Sunday I jumped into the car. Sorry, my beloved Springer Spaniel, she jumped in.

We went to Coate Water park, I parked the car and thought it good value for two hours for a pound.We did the full walk and eventually returned to the café at the onset of our journey.

I noticed dog ice cream on the menu and thought that will go well with my dog and a nice cup of tea on a bench. It was a long queue on a hot day.

As we got near to the price list I was astounded to read that cash was not accepted.

I had about five pounds on me in loose change. I did not think I would need my debit card on a nature walk. I went home in disgust. I mean that.

Perhaps the powers that be, I suspect the council, could explain on these pages why cash is not accepted on an outdoor café on a summer's day, but is every where else in Swindon.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


Electoral system was voted on by public

Bob Pixton, and my friend Mark Webb make good points in their recent letters.

Mark asks that we wake up to the fact that 'the Tories' lie to get our vote. I agree with him. However, isn't it the case that ALL politicians lie to get our vote. In fact it would appear to be an essential characteristic of the model politician.

Bob bemoans the state of society and cites the ongoing crisis in the NHS. As Bob well knows, the NHS experienced its first crisis a mere 12 months after it was formed. The cash ran out.

So began an annual clamour for more and more money to treat more an more people. Today the NHS receives £178 billion in taxpayer funding. The question to be asked is "What is enough?"

His assertion that only 300 Swindon residents will choose the next Prime Minister is simply a nonsense. The vote is for the next leader of the Conservatives.

As the Conservatives have the most seats in Parliament their leader becomes the Prime Minister. The same is true for the leader of the Labour Party.

One might disagree with the system, but it is a system which was voted on by the people.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


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