Quick-Thinking Mum Saves Daughter From Venomous Brown Snake

A quick-acting Melbourne mum hoisted her daughter away from a venomous brown snake when she spotted it approach them in their backyard.

Video from Daniella Francesca Vizzini’s home security camera shows her daughter playing in a paddling pool when Vizzini suddenly stands up to pull her daughter away.

Vizzini told Storyful that she saw a brown snake rise out of the ground as it approached her daughter. She then quickly grabbed her daughter, as she was afraid the snake may try to bite.

A local snake catcher commented that the snake looked to be a brown snake, which is highly venomous. The snake catcher added that the snake’s behaviour in the footage suggested that it was preparing for a strike. Credit: Daniella Francesca Vizzini via Storyful

Video transcript