Quick-thinking truck driver brakes to avoid boy, 1, who wandered onto road at night

This is the moment an alert truck driver braked to avoid a toddler who had wandered onto the road at night in Thailand. The eagle-eyed trucker managed to avert tragedy when he abruptly stopped upon seeing the runaway tot in the middle of the highway in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province on November 11 at around 9 pm local time. Dashcam footage shows the large vehicle blinking its hazard lights as it ground to a sudden halt. Khun Polwat Sripha, a driver behind the truck, tried to overtake, but also stopped when he saw the cause of the holdup - a lost, confused child in danger of being run over by less attentive motorists. The truck driver in a purple shirt hurriedly climbed out of his seat to carry the boy to safety. However, the youngster's parents could not immediately be found. As traffic slowly began building up, Khun was forced to resume his errand of dropping off his colleagues in the Bang Ban District. He said: 'After about 10 minutes, the trailer truck caught up to me and honked his horn. I took it to mean that the child's parents were found.' Local media later tracked down the child's relatives, who claimed the boy's mum had been in the restroom when he wandered off. Somsri, 70, the toddler's great grandmother told reporters: 'My granddaughter told me she heard a commotion about 40 metres away from the house. She rushed out and was shocked to see her son standing in front of the ten-wheeler. Fortunately, the child did not suffer any harm. 'Usually, she takes good care of her son, but the child has become more mischievous after learning to walk for a few months. 'I told her to be more careful because she might not be as lucky next time. Let this be a lesson to other parents too to be vigilant with their kids.'