What is 'quiet quitting' and is it really affecting businesses?

"Quiet quitting" is the latest trend to sweep across the American workforce. The concept doesn't involve actually leaving one's job, but rather making a conscious decision not to go above and beyond basic duties. The expression began circulating in July when a New York-based engineer published a video on TikTok that went viral. But employers shouldn't dismiss this as a social media trend, warns Allyson Stewart-Allen, CEO of International Marketing Partners. "This is not a passing fad or just another employment cycle. This is a profound reassessment that people are taking time to do, to think about balance."

Stewart-Allen says the onus is now on employers and managers to help their workers re-engage. "This requires a very different form of leadership – much more empathy, much more understanding, treating people much more holistically than just a warm body who does a job and achieves certain tasks," she told FRANCE 24.

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