Quiet send-off for Philip ‘will be a shame, but duke would have approved’

Laura Elston, PA Court Reporter
·1-min read

The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral will be “pared back” because of the Covid-19 crisis and held behind the walls of Windsor Castle – but Philip would have approved, a royal commentator has said.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, said a quiet send-off for the duke would be shame, but Philip – who disliked a fuss – was never one for pomp and pageantry.

Mr Little told the PA news agency: “Clearly they have planned for a Covid funeral and I know that Philip’s would be a pretty understated royal funeral compared to that which would be held for his wife.

“But in the midst of a pandemic, it’s going to be pared back so much.”

He added: “It will be behind castle walls at Windsor and we won’t get to see much of it at all.

“It will be a great shame that he has to have such a quiet send-off.

“But, in saying that, he didn’t want all the pomp and pageantry anyway so I suppose in a way it would suit his purpose.”