Quirky cat demands to be taken out for walks in his owner's rucksack and loves taking weekly baths

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Meet the quirky cat who demands to be taken out for walks in his owner's rucksack and loves taking weekly baths. 

Wilbur the one-year-old the Exotic Shorthair has taken to long strolls along English reservoirs after firmly setting up camp in his owner's trendy Fjallraven Kanken bag. 

His trips outdoors in the makeshift cat carrier started last month when owner Hannah Thornton, 20, was about to go on a stroll with mum Sharon, but found the feline attempting to get in her bag. 

The pair decided to pack him in the rucksack as he would usually escape via the family garden to follow them.

PR talent worker Hannah decided to film Wilbur's first trip out, which shows him calmly perched in the rucksack while being taken for a walk along the waterfront. 

The black and white short-hair has also uncharacteristically taken to baths and initiates them by sitting in the tub and meowing. 

Wilbur has become such a fan of keeping clean he now has one a weekly wash in the family bath as part of his feline grooming routine. 

Hannah, from Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire said: "He's so unsual. 

"When we used to leave the house he would follow us anyway via the garden. 

"He's pretty naughty. 

"Then one time when he noticed my mum and I were going to head out he 

"He's incredibly chill and doesn't fidget. He's just really taken to 

"When we go to the vets he doesn't take to the cat carriers but will happily sit on my lap. 

"He knows what he likes and what he doesn't like.

"I've never heard of a cat that enjoys getting a bath but Wilbur absolutely loves them and demands one a week. 

"He's very into his grooming. 

"When it's wet or windy he'll try and get another in the week as he knows he's filthy. 

"He also loves human food like chocolate, popcorn and crisps. 

"It's almost like he's more human than cat."

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